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Crystal Gamgee lay in her cell. She was sick, just like many of the other Hobbits in the Lockholes. All of the Hobbits were thin, for the food that was given to them was not nourishing and not enough. Many of the Hobbits had died already from sickness or hunger.

Someone propped her up. “Sit up, deary.” said a gentle voice. “Good thing that we have this water, eh?” Crystal smiled weakly. It was Lobelia. Gentle was she ever since she had been thrown into the Lockholes and put in Crystal’s cell. Crystal was glad Lobelia was here. She would have hated to have been alone in this dark cell while she was ill.

There was a sudden noise followed by a burst of light. Crystal heard a familar voice speak to Lobelia and she answered as she placed Crystal back on the pallet. “Frodo Baggins!! Well, it’s about time someone saved us from this cell. I am glad to see you…” Her voice trailed off at the sound of a jingling of keys and a cell door opening.

“Come, Lobelia, let’s get you out of here,” Frodo said as he took her arm.

“B-but I can’t leave Crystal. She sick,” came Lobelia’s protest.

“CRYSTAL?!?!?” Crystal smiled to herself as she heard Sam’s voice. ‘Sam’ she thought.

Crystal felt someone put their hand on her face.

“She’s burning…” said Sam.

“Let’s get her out of here. Hurry!” Frodo bent down and scooped Crystal off the pallet, but still shocked by her beauty. He gave orders to have all of the other Hobbits released, the sick and wounded cared for and the dead buried in a beautiful part of the Shire.

Frodo handed Crystal over to Sam. “We best get your cousin tended Sam,” he said.

A little while later, Crystal felt herself put into a bed that was soft and warm.

“Will she be alright, Mr. Frodo?” Sam asked, fear in his voice.

“Just wait, all of the other Hobbits that were in the Lockholes will get the best care of the Shire….”

Frodo’s voice trailed off as Crystal fell asleep.

** *** **

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