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Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings


Frodo, Kaoru, Sam and Yahiko continued to journey through Emyn Muil for many days. On one night, the travelers fell under a surprise attack by none other than Gollum, the creature that possessed the ring for over 500 years. After subduing Gollum, Frodo ordered the creature to lead him to the Black Gate of Mordor.

Kenshin, Aragorn, and the others continued to track the Uruk-Hai that captured Merry and Pippin. Misao had a very large head start of the others and was right behind the Uruks. The Uruks had run into a bunch of Orcs led by Grishnákh, when they camped at a nearby forest. The Uruks and Orcs were starving since they all ate moldy bread for 3 days and wanted meat instead.

When the Orcs suggested that Merry and Pippin to be their dinner, the Uruks stood in their way saying they were for Saruman. But one of the Orcs, Snaga, tried to cut the prisoners’ heads, but Uglúk, the Uruk, cut his head instead, ensuing a free-for-all fight. Merry and Pippin took the opportunity to escape, but was caught by Grishnákh. Luckily… a spear pierced the Orc’s back by a band of Viking-like calvary riders that easily killed all the Orcs and Uruk-Hai. Misao had entered herself into the fray and took Merry and Pippin into the forest.

But unbeknownst to them… Grishnákh followed the trio inside the forest, intending on killing them. Suddenly… something big stomped into Grishnákh that frightened Misao and the Hobbits… it was a tree-like being called an Ent. The Ent said that some called him ‘Treebeard’. Treebeard had carried Misao and the Hobbits and nearly crushed them, believing them to be Orcs. But in case they weren’t, Treebeard took them to see, ‘The White Wizard’! Misao, Merry, and Pippin thought they were going to meet Saruman, but met someone… that they didn’t expect to see.

Aragorn, Kenshin, and the others met up with the riders that killed the Orcs and Uruk-Hai, the next day. The leader of the riders introduced himself as Éomer, Third Marshal of Rohan, nephew to the king named Théoden, who was now under Saruman’s influence. Saruman’s Uruk-Hai had overrun the villages, killing every man, woman and child. Éomer had warned that Saruman was cunning, walking abroad and that his spies slipped in everywhere. Aragorn told Éomer they were tracking Uruk-Hai that took their friends captive. Éomer regretted to inform the hunters that he and his riders slew the Uruks and Orcs, leaving none alive, and gave them horses to go search for possible survivors, though he said that hope had forsaken Rohan.

The seven hunters saw the burning pile of Orcs and Uruks as they spotted some tracks made by the Hobbits and Misao that led into a forest called Fangorn. As they all continued to follow the tracks deep into the forest. Legolas then sensed something coming… the ‘White Wizard’. Believing it to be Saruman… Kenshin, Aragorn, and the rest readied themselves to attack, but the wizard countered with a flash of white, bright light, nearly blinding his attackers. After the light dimmed, the others saw… that it was Gandalf!

Gladdened to see Gandalf return to them, the wizard guided them to Edoras, the Capitol City of Rohan, with assurances that Merry, Misao, and Pippin were safe, and in the care of the Ent, Treebeard.

Gollum went on to lead Frodo and his company to the Black Gate, but they all must pass through a swampy plain called the Dead Marshes. While passing, Frodo nearly drowned into the swamp, but was rescued by Gollum. Frodo and Kaoru graciously thanked the creature as they called it by its original name… Smeagol. However, Sam and Yahiko were wary of the creature, thinking that he was still after the ring. As the company reached the Black Gate, Gollum told the others of a secret path, making Sam and Yahiko, even more suspicious of him, but was trusted by Frodo and Kaoru.

Gandalf, Kenshin, Aragorn, Sanosuke, and the rest arrived in Edoras, where they met King Théoden, who was almost like a gravely aged zombie. However, the control was induced into Théoden by his advisor, Grima Wormtongue. When Gandalf and the others arrived at the front of the Hall, their weapons were taken from them, except Gandalf’s staff. Gandalf stood near the king and exorcised Saruman’s presence from Théoden, giving the king back his natural age. Afterwards, Théoden banished Wormtongue from Rohan. The king held a funeral for his son Théodred, who died after receiving a wound battling against Saruman’s troops at the Fords of Isen. The king’s niece, Éowyn had turned her attentions to Aragorn, the only man who seemed to understand her pain.

When two children, Eothain and Freda, had arrived in Edoras, Théoden became reluctant to fight because he feared he would bring more suffering and death to Rohan than he already had. So instead, Théoden would move his people to the great fortress of Helm’s Deep. Aragorn, Sanosuke, Legolas, Gimli, Saito, and Aoshi would go with Théoden to the fortress, but Gandalf and Kenshin left to find Éomer’s company up north.

As Frodo and company ventured through Ithilien, they were captured, all but Gollum/Smeagol, by a band of hooded men, led by Faramir, a young captain of Gondor, and brother to Boromir. After Faramir captured Gollum, he growled fiercely, telling Faramir that Frodo, Kaoru, Yahiko and Sam stole, ‘his precious’.

Sam then suggested that Frodo use the ring to disappear, but Frodo knows that it would do no good, and told them that the ring was starting to take hold of him. But, unfortunately, Faramir had found out about Frodo’s quest and nearly took the ring. As Faramir heard that the city of Osgiliath in Gondor was under attack, he ordered that the ring be sent to Gondor.

Meanwhile, in Kenshin’s world, Radagast the Brown began having a seizure and was taken to the astral plane, receiving a message from Gandalf, who had now ascended to the status of White, but not like Saruman. When Radagast recovered, he found that his staff had turned grey. Radagast informed everyone at the Aoiya about what happened since Kenshin left for Middle-Earth. Suddenly, they were joined by four new allies, Katsuhiro ‘Tsunan’ Tsukioka, Seijuro Hiko 13th, and two former members of the Juppongatana, Sojiro Seta, and Chou the Sword-hunter, who had been attacked by the Ringwraiths and Orcs that had wounded and captured four Japanese police officers.

As Aragorn and Sanosuke continued to accompany Théoden’s people to Helm’s Deep, they fell under attack by a pack of Wargs, sent from Isengard. A battle ensued, and Aragorn was taken surprise by a Warg, and was unable to dislodge himself from the beast as it, and he fell over a cliff, into a rushing stream of water. Believed to be dead, Theoden and the others left for Helm’s Deep, where Éowyn awaited Aragorn, but was saddened to hear that he didn’t return.

Meanwhile in Fangorn Forest, Treebeard, Misao, Merry, and Pippin spotted an army of 10,000 Uruk-Hai marching from Isengard. Treebeard immediately took his charges to a clearing called Derndingle for Entmoot, where many races of Ents came to debate. The debate continued for long hours into the night. As the Ents finally finished their deliberations, Treebeard sadly informed Misao and the Hobbits that they could not interfere, for the war did not concern them. Misao and Merry were deeply upset, however Pippin sympathized with Treebeard saying they should go home. Merry and Misao rebuked Pippin that even if they went home… that their homes would be destroyed regardless.

Aragorn had miraculously recovered from being near death, and rode forth to Helm’s Deep, by a horse called Brego that once belonged to Théodred. However, Aragorn had seen the Uruk-Hai army that was marching towards Helm’s Deep. Then, Aragorn suddenly ran into Sanosuke, who had come from the fortress to look for him. He and Aragorn made it back to Helm’s Deep and told the king that all of Saruman’s forces would be at the fortress by nightfall. Everyone prepared for the overwhelming battle, recruiting young boys and old men for the defense of the fortress. Then… a company of Elves, led by Haldir of Lothlorien arrived with the intention to help Rohan because of their old alliance long ago.

The Uruk-hai arrived at the fortress, a little past midnight, and the Elves and men fought back fiercely, for if the Uruk-Hai win, they would kill every woman and child sent into the caves. The defenders had been successfully fending off the Uruks, but… the wall exploded, making a breach into the fortress. Other Uruks had a battering ram, in which they used to break down the gate.

The defenders retreated into the keep, but the next day… they roe out, facing the enemy head-on. Then… Gandalf and Kenshin had arrived, just in time to help Aragorn, Théoden, and Sanosuke, bringing Éomer and his company of Rohirrim. With the combined power, the Rohirrim drove away the Uruks… into the Huorns that mercilessly killed the remaining Uruk-Hai.

Treebeard was off to take Merry, Misao, and Pippin to the Western borders of the Shire. But Pippin suggested that they go south, towards Isengard. Treebeard eventually agreed du to his charges being of small size. As they neared Isengard… Treebeard ran into a vast patch of deforest trees, which makes the Ent angry enough to go to Isengard to rage war on Saruman. Treebeard an the Ents, assisted by Merry, Pippin and Misao, tore Saruman’s stronghold into splinters and flooded the barren land form a nearby dam.

Faramir took Frodo and his company to Osgiliath, which the travelers saw, was under heavy attack. Sam, Yahiko, and Kaoru tried to implore to the captain why Gondor must not keep the ring… because it corrupted Boromir, ensuring his demise. Suddenly… one of the Ringwraiths arrived at Osgiliath and called to Frodo. Overtaken by the ring’s power… Frodo walked up to the Nazgûl almost as if he were sleepwalking. Luckily, Sam pulled him back… only to have Frodo threaten his gardener. Sam gently called to Frodo… and Frodo slowly backed away in fear.

Sam, Yahiko and Kaoru told Frodo that it was like any great story filled with darkness and danger, but the heroes kept going because they were holding onto something… that there was some good in the world, like any other, worth fighting for. Overhearing this… Faramir finally understood Frodo and let him go to continue the quest.

As Frodo and the others left Osgiliath, Gollum struggled with himself, with the other side of him, Smeagol insisting that Frodo was their friend, as was Kaoru… but Gollum clearly hated all of the travelers, wanting to see all of them dead. Smeagol said that it would be too risky, but then Gollum sneakily suggested that they let ‘her’ kill Frodo and the rest, so that they would be able to take the ring back for themselves. With Smeagol in agreement, Gollum began to lead Frodo, Kaoru, Sam and Yahiko… to ‘her’.

At Helm’s Deep, Gandalf, Kenshin, Aragorn, and the others, including Théoden looked toward Mordor and the thundering mountain of fire. They all knew that the battle at Helm’s Deep was over… but the battle for Middle-Earth and Japan… was about to begin…

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