Silver Glass

By Firniswin

What can you see?

On the horizon,

Why do the white gulls call?

Across the sea,

A pale moon rises,

The ships have come to carry you home,

A light on the water,

All souls pass.

-RotK soundtrack; Howard Shore

“Come Gimli! Aboard the ship you go.”

Gimli, son of Gloin, looked up at his friend; this was the first time since King Elessar’s death that the elf prince had spoke. It shocked the dwarf.

The dwarf shook his head, his gray beard swaying in the soft wind and his eyes looking at Legolas with unbidden tears.

‘Aule! He had never cried. And the elf was the last person he would have wished to have seen it.’

The gulls cried above and Gimli could see his friend’s anxious look, the elf seemed uneasy as the birds circled them and cawed angrily; as if trying to tell the elf something.

“Do not break my heart thus Legolas. You know I can not come with you.” The tears finally spilled over; the sunlight glittered upon them making them much easier for the prince to see.

‘Curse you Aule! This accursed sun!’ the dwarf shouted mentally as he saw the look of sympathy on the prince’s mournful face.

“I am a dwarf, Legolas. Not an elf, my fate is much like Aragorn’s. I cannot escape it.” He whispered as a sob threatened to cut off the words.

Legolas raised an elegant, blonde eyebrow and smiled slyly. “And why can you not go mellon nin? Since when does an honorable member of the Fellowship not get his reward? I think you deserve this Gimli and Eru willing you will be able to join my kin, along with Frodo and Sam, Gandalf and me. What happened to the adventurous dwarf I once knew, since when did he back down from a challenge? You are not the dwarf that was my friend?” the prince smiled as Gimli grunted.

“To go into an elf land? That is forbidden; you speak folly princeling!”

“I speak no such thing! Now get on the boat!”

The smile on the dwarf’s wrinkled face widened making even more of the wrinkles show clean through.

“Very well. I suppose I have got no choice?”

“No, you do not.” Legolas laughed as Gimli slowly boarded the grey ship.

“So what’s a dwarf supposed to eat on this prissy elf-ship, eh?”


So, yes this is a chapter story and no I am not giving up on my other stories. I just had to write this, I was going to go absolutely out of my mind. This story will only be about three chapters long.

Chapter One (Finished)

All of Your Fears Will Pass Away

Chapter Two (WIP)

Why Do the White Gulls Call

Chapter Three (Soon to be WIP)

All Souls Pass

SO I know this chapter was awful short and the next chapter will be longer!!! I am pretty sure!!! So! Please R&R!!! No flames!!!!

Next chapter will be up soon, hopefully!!!!

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