“Sam would have loved to see this,” Frodo was awestruck by the sight of the beauty of Valinor. Gandalf looked down upon the hobbit with love, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it, my dear hobbit?” He asked.
Bilbo, who had been sleeping, was awakened by a nudge from Elrond. “Behold the land of Valinor, Master Bilbo. Its loveliness is not to be compared with any realm of Middle Earth.” Elrond said to the old hobbit, who was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes vigorously as so to see the fair country better.
Frodo was speechless. He had been trying to imagine what he would see when they reached the Western Shore, but he had never thought it would be like this. Opening wide it’s arms to meet them was a long, white beach of the purest sand. Beyond the shore was a wide green field, filled with flowers. The sun coming up behind them was breathtakingly bright and warm. The flowers stretched up to meet her with open hands. Looking closer, Frodo realized that they were not flowers, but fairies! They were not elves, nor any other type of being he had yet seen. They were smaller than an elf, about the size of a hobbit, but more slender and beautiful.
“Who are they, Gandalf?” he asked, as if in a dream. “Are they children?”
“No. They are the nymphs of Nessa and of Vána, the Ever-young. They dance to welcome the sun as she rises and to bid her farewell as she sets.”
As Frodo watched, they began to dance. There were hundreds of them, but as he looked, he began to focus on only one. She was dark-haired and clad in a brilliant white and green like the grass on the hillside. She weaved in and out with the grace of a leaf blowing in the wind. As the sun’s rays reflected off her garments, it seemed that she shone with an inner joy. He watched her until the boat turned into a small harbor and she was blocked from view.
There they docked and set foot on the cool, white sand. Bilbo leaned on Frodo as they disembarked the ship. “Well, Frodo lad, this certainly is a wonderful place for a hobbit to spend his retirement!” The he mused happily.
“Yes uncle,” he replied rather absentmindedly. He was still thinking about the fairy dancer. He wondered what her name was and if he would ever meet her. Another voice interrupted his thoughts.
“This is the Haven of the Swans and beyond this hill is Alqualondë, the city of the Teleri,” Gandalf said. “Our arrival was known to them and they will most likely send a party down to welcome us soon.”
Galadriel was anxious. She remembered the Teleri all too well and what her people had done to them in this very bay. She hoped she would be worthy of their forgiveness when she met them now.
After some time had passed, the companions saw a large crowd coming down the road towards them. Joyful music and laughter could be heard from them. A tall elf robed in blue was at the head of the throng. “That is Olwë himself, king of the Teleri!” Galadriel exclaimed. She did not expect a welcome so noble as this.
When the company had reached the passengers, they stopped the music and the king greeted them. “Welcome, friends of the Teleri and of all Valinor. We have heard word of your coming and we knew the number and nature of your company.” He turned to Gandalf first. “Olórin, wisest of Maiar; Elrond, the half-elven; Galadriel of the Noldor.” Tears streamed down her face as he looked upon her. “Do not grieve, my daughter. Your transgressions have been forgiven,” he said as a single tear slid down his cheek. He turned then to Bilbo and Frodo. “And the halflings, Bilbo, the Ring-finder, and Frodo, the Heir and Ring-bearer. You are the strangest and most wondrous of all!” He said with a smile. “Your deeds are very great and have earned renown even here in Valinor. Come, let us feast in the honor of the three rings, now passed out of Middle Earth and into the West!” Olwë announced, much to the joy of the hobbits.
As the company passed up the road to Alqualondë, Frodo’s mind wandered back to the dancer in the light of the sunrise. He looked forward to seeing her dance again.

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