The darkness was coming. It swept over Middle-earth, destroying all in its path. Children screamed, swarms of people were running. A fire ran throw the villages, burning everything. People were scrambling over each other, and when each mob passed, there were crushed bodies left behind. The blood seeped through the ground. At the very middle, was a circle of fire and darkness.

Chapter 1:

Maothain woke up from the nightmare, screaming. He calmed himself, and dressed. Dunking his head in the water near is bed, he walked out of the door of his room. He ignored breakfast, and immediately walked to the temple. He sat down under the statues of the old kings and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps pounded from behind. Maothain turned around, and saw Yithune, the monk.

“Nightmare, again?” said Yithune.

“Yes,” said Maothain, pondering how Yithune knew he was there.

“They may mean something.”

“They are but dreams. Dreams are lies of the mind.”

“Then why are you here?” Yithune sat down next to Maothain. “Dreams are the gateway to the soul. Sometimes you see visions of the past, sometimes what is happening right now, sometimes what has yet to come. Listen to your dreams.”

Maothain hoped Yithune was wrong. What he saw could not have happened, is not happening, and was too horrible to happen. He told Yithune what had happened in the dream, and Yithune frowned.

“There is someone you need to talk to. He will be coming through here soon.”

“Who is he?”

“You would know him as Gandalf. Gandalf the Grey.”

“Gandalf?” Maothain was astonished that Gandalf was coming through. He had heard about Gandalf, but never met him.

“Yes.” Yithune sighed. “But do not tell him your name. Tell him ‘Remember the ring’ Tell him not to mention you. Now go, as he arrives quickly.” Sure enough, the sound of hoofs could be heard outside. Maothain ran out of the temple, just as Gandalf rode past him.

“Gandalf!” he shouted. “Gandalf!”

Gandalf turned around, and looked at him. “What is it? If I delay, I shall be late for something very important.”

Maothain caught his breath, and said, “Remember the ring. Tell no one about me.”

“What do you mean?” Gandalf inquired. “What ring?” But Maothain was gone. Gandalf thought long and hard about it, but nothing came to him. Remembering the party, he started back down on the road.

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