The character Morwen is a character I came up with… but I really don’t own her…seeing that her name is Elvish and she lives in Middle-earth…

We never really got any info on what happened exactly to Aragorn’s sons… (That I know about…) So this is my fan fiction of what could have ended after the end of ROTK.

Oh and you might recognize the character Morwen. She is kind of the same character from my Rupunzel fanfiction. Only she isn’t hyper… or random… she doesn’t even fall in love with the same character… but ya…

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My name is Morwen. In Elvish it means ‘Dark Lady’, but I wasn’t dark, at least I tried not to be. I tried to always be kind and many have given me compliments on my beauty. My hair was dark, and it shined in the light. I had lived in Minis Tirith longer than many. The people knew that I was of elven kind. But that was all. No one knew my past, my family. Not even Eldarion. The first son of Aragorn. He had known me all of his life, and I knew him before he was even born… That was because my sister in Lothlorien had ‘sight’. She could see the future. And sometimes she would tell me. But she never told what would happen that morning.

I could play many beautiful instruments. I enjoyed playing the trumpet, even though that doesn’t seem right for elven maids. And I also often played the flute, usually before dawn.

I stayed with an older woman who called me daughter, even though everyone knew she was not of elven kind.

One morning a little before the sun was up, I played my flute. It was a beautiful tune not heard by many. A song that I had written long ago. I was sitting in a chair that I had placed on my balcony.

As my song ended, the one I called “Mother” called to me.

“Morwen, you have a visitor.”

“Alright, let him in.” I had known who it was already. My good friend Eldarion had came to visit me. I thought that was so sweet. I went to my room and opened the door.

“Morwen!” Eldarion said, coming into the room.

“Eldarion, how are you today?” I asked him as I put my flute away.

“Oh fine,” he said. He looked nervous, unprepared for something… I didn’t know…

“Anything wrong, dear friend?” I asked him, knowing that something was bothering him.

“No, always well,” he said. He didn’t look me in my eyes.
“There must be, you’re much quieter then usually,” I told him.

He gave a sigh. “It’s, just, can we sit down and do this?” he asked me. He was avoiding the question.

“Alright.” I headed for my seat near the window. I motioned for him to take a seat, but he just stood there.

“Could we sit on the balcony?” he asked.

I giggled at him. “Sure.”

He took an extra chair out, I sat in the one I did before. He sat down in the chair he brought out. Then he stood up again, then he sat down again.

“Keeping it in never helps, you know?”

He breathed in a deep breath then released it. He stood up again, and then knelt before me. “Alright.” I said one more time. And he pulled out from his pocket a small silver box. He opened it.

I gasped. It was a silver ring with a pale blue stone, emerald leaf shapes entwined around it.

“Will you marry me?” he asked, his eyes and voice so clear and so true.

“OH!” I stood up. Tears fell from my eyes.

“What’s wrong?!” he asked. His heart seemed to stop as he wondered what he had done to offend me. But I wasn’t offended, I just, I couldn’t tell him.

“No,” I said through tears, “Don’t, please,” I sobbed. I ran to my room in tears. It wasn’t his fault; I knew I should have left a long time ago. I knew that this would happen, I just wanted to ignore it.

“What did I do?!” He followed me. But I closed the door before he came in. I couldn’t believe that I had broken his heart. But maybe it was better this way. Maybe he could just move on. Maybe… maybe…

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