Elrohir sighed. He couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned and he felt trapped in the sheets so finally he kicked them off his bed and got up to look out of the window. It was a clear and warm summer night, the moon was barely visible, a thin line of light in the dark sky and the stars twinkled invitingly. Elrohir almost jumped out of the window right then but remembered he was only wearing a pair of leggings. He grabbed a loose shirt, pulled it over his head and lowered himself through the window to the garden below. His window was not high above the ground, and for that Elrohir was grateful when he lost grip on the window sill and fell the last bit. He walked trough the gardens, searching for a nice place to sit under the stars. Apperently, he was not the only one with that idea. On a small rise in the shadows of a great tree sat a dark figure. Elrohir couldn’t see who it was, it was too dark. “Good evening!” he greeted the yet unknown Elf who shifted to try and get a look at him. Elrohir doubted the other would recognise him, he had twisted his voice a bit, a game he used to play with his brother, and he stood in the shadows himself. The other looked up at the sky. “Beautiful night, isn’t it.” It sounded oddly familiar, but Elrohir didn’t quite recall the Elf behind the voice. He sat down close to the other. “Yes, it most certainly is. But why are you out in the night, if I may ask?” “I could ask you the same thing.” Elrohir shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep. What about you?” If Elrohir could’ve seen the other Elf, he would have seen that he shrugged too. “I want to take revenge on my brother with an original prank. I’m trying to think of one.” That sounded a bit like Elrohir’s brother, Elladan. Elrohir smirked. “Have you tried placing dead animals in his room?” The other Elf laughed. “Yes, and that’s why I’m not going to do it again. I want something original…” “You’re right. And I guess dead thing work better with girls, anyways.” They both laughed until Elrohir heard the other Elf cry out “That’s it! That’s IT!” He jumped up, thanked Elrohir and ran away in the direction of the house. Elladan stared at the place the shadowy figure had dissapeared and shook his head. Well, at least he would be able to sleep now, after a bit of fresh air.

After dinner, Elrohir went straight to the garden in stead of to his room. It was already dark and Elrohir was curious about the mysterious Elf of yesterday. He wandered through the gardens, in the direction of the place where they had met. There was no one there. Elrohir sat down under a tree and looked up at the stars. He hoped the Elf couldn’t sleep tonight and come here too. Elrohir had not waited too long when someone sat down on the grass under another tree. “Good evening.” The Elf said and Elrohir had the impression this was the same as yesterday. He tried to remember his answer. “Beautiful night, isn’t it?” The other Elf laughed. “So we meet again.” Elrohir grinned. “And how did your revenge go?” “Well…” the Elf fell silent for a moment. “I did do it, but…” Elrohir tried to get a look at his face but it was too dark, again. “You did it, but…?” “I feel kind of guilty.” Elrohir snorted. It was a prank, it couldn’t be that bad. “Was it a good prank?” “Yes…” “Was it funny and original?” “Well, yes, but…” “What would you want more? Besides, it’s only a joke, right?” The other Elf shifted uncomfortably. Elrohir sighed. “Well, if it goes too far, you can always apologise. If you really mean it he won’t kill you.” “Obviously you don’t know my brother.” They laughed a bit and then fell silent. Elrohir regretted he didn’t know this Elf better. After a while they both headed back to the house. Elrohir opened the door to his room and almost cried out in horror.

That evening Elrohir had no desire to talk to his brother, or even look at him. So, for the third night in a row, he went to the garden. There he found he wasn’t the first, the other, still anonimous Elf sat holding his head in his hands. It was dark, no moon tonight, and though Elrohir couldn’t see his face, it was obvious the Elf was in some kind of trouble. “What’s wrong?” Elrohir sat down. “It was just as I thought.” Elrohir still had the feeling he knew that voice. “It was horrible. My brother refuses to speak to me now.” “Oh, come on.” Elrohir sighed. “At least it can never be as bad as what my brother did…” He shuddered at the image of his room, decorated with… pink bows. “What did he do?” Elrohir shook his head. “It might give you ideas. We don’t want two traumatised brothers, now do we.” It was silent for a while. “What did you do?” The other Elf shook his head. “It’s too horrible. No wonder he’s avoiding me now. I tried to apologise, you know, but he just won’t speak to me.” Elrohir looked up, studying the sky. “What would be so bad your own brother doesn’t give you the chance to apologise?” The Elf snorted. “It’s all in the color. I thought of it when you said disgusting and creepy things are more likely to scare girls.” Elrohir thought about this for a moment. It sounded like his own story. “Color, you said? You don’t mean pink, do you…?” he hesitantly asked. “How did you…?” Both elves jumped up and and tried to get a better look at eachother. “Elladan!?” “Elrohir!?”

I know it sounds strange, Elven twin brothers not even recognising eachother, but somehow the idea seemed good. Until I wrote it down. Anyways, please comment, and I hope to have some better fiction to show you in time.

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