It was a dark day when Legolas Thranduillion went to pay a visit to Imladris.

The skies darkened overhead and it started to rain.

“Greetings, Son of Thranduil!”

“Who is it?” Legolas called out, searching for the one who had greeted him.

“Don’t worry,” said his friend Gaerlas. “I’m sure it is only one of Lord Elrond’s servants.”

“I hope so,” sighed Legolas.

“BOO!” yelled a white figure.

The two mirkwood elves screamed and fell backwards.

“Haha, gotcha that time, huh, Legolas?” The figure pulled back a cloak and it turned out to be Elrohir.

“Elro! Grr, I’ll get you!”

Legolas could not stifle his laughter as he watched the two race about like cat and mouse.

Suddenly Elrond appeared, looking quite upset. “Elrohir! How many times have I told you-AAH!”

Elrohir had jumped on him and they were now rolling in the dirt, now muddy from the rain.

Legolas held Gaerlas’ things as his friend tried to pry Elrohir loose. “Get off the old one!” he yelled.

“OLD ONE!?” Elrond started shouting, as was his usual manner. “OLD ONE!!!???”

“Uhm, goheno nin, Lo-”


“I guess he thought otherwise,” shrugged Gaerlas. A servant came to help bring their things. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

The two young elves handed their things to the servant and entered the grand house of Elrond.

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