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Trouble in Imladris

~Chapter One – The Plan~

“The twins are trying to kill me! Again!!!” shouted Serena. The twins’ father, Lord Elrond answered. “Elrohir! Elladan! Serena and her brother are our guests; I would hate for you to have to explain to Lord Thranduil why only Legolas returned to Mirkwood. Also I do not think Legolas would take it kindly to find you had killed his sister.” “Yes Ada!” said the twins lowering their bows. “We will get you later Serena,” said Elrohir grinning. “We will see about that!” replied Serena flipping her coppery hair out of her face so they could see the glitter in her blue eyes.
“What are you three doing now?” ask a voice from behind them. Serena turned to see her blond brother and the twins adopted human brother, Aragorn. “ Well Estel, we were trying to get rid of Serena but it didn’t work!” said Elrohir “Good I am glad, if it had you two wouldn’t have had a very good summer!” said Legolas his blue eye’s glittering exactly like his sister’s.
“We have an idea on how to get Ada back for believing his other councilor instead of Glorfindel!” said Elrohir. “We aren’t the ones who ruined his Christmas party, it was that elf from
Loth Lorien, and Glorfindel knew it. Ada just wouldn’t listen!” added Elladan. “We were grounded for three months!” agreed Aragorn. “So what do you plan to do?” ask Legolas, exchanging looks with his sister. They knew better than anyone how the twins and Estel got revenge. “Well we were going to drug his water, and take him and leave him in the woods.” said Elrohir, eyes dancing. “ And we were going to set a trap. When he steps on it, it will hang him upside down from a tree!” said Elladan. “But before either of those we are going to put chili peppers in his lunch.” said Aragorn.
“You four are on your own!” said Legolas. “You mean three, last time we helped them we got a ten hour lecture from Ada and Lord Elrond.” added Serena. The two started walking off and Aragorn called, “ Legolas if you don’t help, I will tell Ada what you were really doing when you said you were out riding!” Legolas turned and ran back jumping on top of the human. “ Mellon nin, if you ever tell I will kill you!” he said sitting on top of him. “ Then help us.” coaxed Aragorn.
“ No!”
“Fine! Adaaaaaaa!!!!!!!”
“Estel shut up! Fine I will help!” said Legolas in despair. Legolas got off of Aragorn and helped him up. Now Elladan smiled. “ Serena!! I would come back if I were you!!!”
“Because if you don’t I will tell Ada who ruined his document by spilling blue ink all over it” said Elladan, smirking. Now it was his turned to get jumped on! She was a year younger than the other elves but was just as strong as any of them. “You wouldn‘t dare!” she hissed”
“Oh yes I would!” he said laughing.
“Okay, Elladan, I will help if you forget how that happened.” said Serena. “ How what happened, mellon nin?” he ask as she helped him up.
“Okay now that all of that is taken care of lets get started!” said Elrohir holding up four chili peppers. “Estel and I are going to put these in his spaghetti, Legolas and Serena are going to take care of his water, and Elladan and Glorfindel are going to set up the traps. “Glorfindel is in on this thing too?” ask Serena. “ Tancave, Lady Serena, I am!” he said walking up behind her. “ Okay is everybody clear on what to do?” ask Aragorn. Everyone nodded. “ Good lets start!” he said.

Estel-hope (Aragorn’s Elvin name given by his foster father Elrond)
mellon nin- my friend

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