Ungwale Quenta

By Nienna Elenstar

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This does not belong to me… no matter how I want it to be mine…

” Legolas!!!” Aragorn cried out.

They were fighting a band of orcs and Legolas had just been slashed on his right thigh. He had already suffered a shot left arm and a wide gash and his right side – all to the credit of the orcs.

Aragorn, on the other hand, was not at all injured. The concern of his friend’s well being turned into adrenaline as he madly hacked off about 15 heads off the orcs.

Hacking off the head of the last orc, he surveyed the masterpiece he created on the once lush and green clearing to a now really bloody one.

Satisfied that he had killed all the orcs, he quickly rushed to the tree where Legolas was now leaning on, panting as he felt the adrenaline wear off and tiredness setting in.

“How do you fare, mellon nin?” he asked, concerned, forgetting his tiredness.

” I’m pretty sure that your eye vision did not worsen as rapidly as the orcs lost their heads in your hands, can’t you see for yourself? But don’t worry, they are only superficial,” Legolas joked.

Aragorn couldn’t help smiling at that remark. *Trust Legolas to lighten up the mood and say that his wounds are only superficial when the blood is bleeding so freely. *

It was only then did he notice Legolas’ rapid and shallow breathing. ” Now Legolas, tell me how you feel, truthfully,” emphasizing the last word. Legolas opened his mouth to answer, but instead….

A/N: I’m so sorry for this horrible cliff hangers, but for far too long I have been tortured by cliff hangers, and now this is revenge…*smiles evilly* This is my first fanfic, so please go easy on me but review !!! Tell me if it sucks or not. So click that button now!!! The number of reviews shall determine if I should update or not…J

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