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Post ROLE PLAY FORUM- Rules and Decorum-please read
on: December 06, 2002 09:49
Rewritten to apply as of Aug 1 2014

Effective January 1, 2008:::Moderators' note.

Please take into account as you read this thread that it is dated from 2002. The general rules and guidelines have been amended and edited many times since then, though some of the 'basic' guidelines here are still very applicable. We advise you read this thread with that thought in mind and then also read the most current rules and guidelines at the top of each of the three forums (TT, TR and OOC) before posting either in the threads or the data base. Thank you.

Please read the Board Rules at the top of the page
Please read the post about Forum Decorum http://www.councilofelrond.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=121

IF you have a problem in the RP Forum please do not respond in an angry manner but instead contact one of the RP Forum mods, we are here to help you.

The Mods for the RP Forum are :Evil~Shieldmaiden and PotbellyHairyfoot )

The RP forum will be split into two sub forums each sub forum will be dedicated to a specific type of thread.

Tolkien Related (TR):- These threads will be based on the races found in Tolkiens books and may be based in ME or if the races are Tolkien based may be situated else where.

OOC :- These threads are to be used for discussions and plot development in RPs found in the other two forums

Non Tolkien threads (NT) ; ie any that are not Tolkien based will be allowed in the Non-Tolkien forum provided that the members posting are regular users of other parts of the site.

General Rules

A)Be respectful of other site members. No Flaming (Including excessive use of all Caps), No profanity, or name calling.

B)No Manipulation of another persons character without their permission.

C)All threads in the RP forum are to be suitable for all members that is PG rated.

Rules on Sex & Violence

1)No Killing another persons character unless you have their permission. Killing of your own character is allowed providing you follow the rules laid out below.

2)No detailed descriptions of torture or slaying.

3)No prolonged attacks or promoting of attacks on any members character.

4)Violent scenes should be short and only contain an outline of what happens; no gory details."

5)No Nudity or removal of intimate items of clothing in a romantic setting.

6)No specific mention of love making unless referenced in non sexual terms

7)No mention of sexual parts of the body.

No crude or sexually specific jokes.

9) No Condoning violent behaviour or illegal activities (drug use etc); ie no exceedingly violent or unredeemed criminal characters

General Points

RP Threads can now be rated as either:-

Free:-any actions within the rules are acceptable

Scripted:-where the plot is known and discussed over PM before actions are taken, the plot being set by those that started the thread.

All New RPs should be open to all members. If you wish to join a scripted RP please ask permission of the thread originator.

Machine Gun posting ( posting an excessive number of times)Please read this !
Some of you have started posting one after the other on threads and making them grow so fast that it is almost as though you are in a chat rather than posting to a forum . One thread in particular has grown by 400 posts in just three days. Others are posting all over the forum but posting an excessive number of times per day.

As moderators , part of our job is to read every single post in every thread and when you post that often we simply cannot keep up.
We have decided to call this new trend "Machine Gun Posting " and we are announcing here that it must stop.
For now, when we see Machine gun posting in a thread we are going to lock the thread, at least for a few hours. This will give us a chance to catch up.
If the problem continues we will have to find other solutions.
When members are posting too often in several threads we may have to start deleting their posts.( In one day i counted more than 70 posts by just 2 members. this is way too many!! )

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Huggable Hobbit
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Post RE: ROLE PLAY FORUM- Rules and Decorum-please read
on: January 22, 2003 05:00
Role Play is where the imagination becomes reality. In the forum are many oppertunities to play out your part in the lands of Middle Earth.

Most people have an idea of the person they would like to be and some have gone so far as to think of their characters past and developed the idea of how they would react in different situations, for those that have a definite character the Charater profile is the place to post the details.

For those that do not there is still the chance to look about the RP forum and to get a feel for the character you might be.

Drop into the Green Dragon for a pint and a meal, often adventures begin from small ideas.

We have two types of RP threads.

Free ones are open to everyone and anything can happen in the thread. If you feel you can add to a story these are the easiest ones to join. Most free still have a some condidtions

Scripted ones are threads that have a definite plot to them if you wish to join one I would ask that you PM the origional poster and ask to join. Some scripted are more rigid than others.

The best thing to do is to read the first few posts of a thread and then the last few.

Please follow the Rules.

You are limited here only by your own imagination

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Post RE: ROLE PLAY FORUM- Rules and Decorum-please read
on: January 22, 2003 05:11
Hi guys,
I've been noticing some rudeness lately among site members, especially new ones. I'd like to remind everyone that this forum/site may be different than what you're used to dealing with at other sites, and that we may be a little more strict here about what's allowed. Please do the following:

1) Read the Board Rules at the top of the page

2) Please read the post about forum decorum

3) If a mod contacts you about a post or thread, please take their comments seriously. They are contacting you for the good of the site overall; it's not a personal thing on their part. Please don't get snotty with them, just because they're doing their job by reminding you of the rules.

4) Finally, regarding the Roleplaying Forum: this forum exists at my forbearance. The rules of the forum apply here doubly--there will be no excusing inappropriate behavior, just because "it's roleplaying". Let's try to limit the rough-housing, rudeness, and pettiness, okay? If I start getting too many complaints about behavior, or if I notice a lot of problems, then I will be forced to shut it down.

5) If someone makes a comment that is offensive to you, please do not respond in like manner. Bring the post to the attention of a mod or admin, and they will deal with it, OR you can contact the poster (if you feel comfortable doing so) and remind them of the site rules. Remember: some folks are brand new to the site, and are not aware of our rules, so please keep that in mind when dealing with other members.

We are growing by leaps and bounds--already the site has over 700 members! Having that many people visiting the site is sure to bring with it new attitudes, new cultures, and new problems. We all have to work together to ensure that this site stays a happy, fun place...
"We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."
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on: August 04, 2014 08:07
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