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Elrohir Elanesse
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Post Joining the Book Club
on: August 01, 2016 12:12
I was directed to this sub-forum by Lord_Sauron and he told me to just post here and I'd be allowed to join. Is that correct?
~Elrohir Elrond Elanesse
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on: August 02, 2016 04:28
PotbellyHairyfoot is our Moderator, so any opinions I venture here are naturally subject to his approval. I'm just a bit puzzled (to say no more) that he apparently hasn't posted here since 04 July 2016. Partly for that reason, I would guess, posting has slowed quite a bit here. So if you go back to the earlier posts, you might revive them with posts of your own.
At any rate, I'm pretty certain PBHF would be delighted by someone joining!
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