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Post Spelling rules
on: November 03, 2017 09:15
Hello there!

I roughly translated a name for myself. It would be my nickname, username everywhere. The word is "greyshield". Please don't ask why! So my rough translation for that is "Miththandir" but I don't know if there is a spelling rule for the "thth" part. Please somebody who knows this would give some advices for that. Is it right how I wrote it down or not? Thank you for all of your answers!

Ps, Sorry for my english
Tamas Ferencz
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on: November 05, 2017 09:05

looking at the phonetic development rules in Sindarin where two such consonants ('voiceless spirants') meet, it looks that they would be simplified into a single th (reference: http://eldamo.org/content/words/word-1206014597.html. So the name would probably become Mithandir.

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