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Post What parts of the legendarium are forbidden to Amazon?
on: August 05, 2021 11:47
Amazon has published a teaser shot from the TV show which looks suspiciously like Valinor, with the two trees glowing in the background. Is there nothing now that is off limits?

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on: August 13, 2021 06:40
Amazon are also moving their production from New Zealand and going to the United Kingdom
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on: March 12, 2022 05:03
What parts of the legendarium are forbidden to Amazon?

It is easier to answer what they do have rights to. The producers J.D Payne and Patrick McKay answers what 'rights' they have for their production of Rings of Power"

“We have the rights solely to The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, the appendices, and The Hobbit,” Payne says. “And that is it. We do not have the rights to The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The History of Middle-earth, or any of those other books.” That takes a huge chunk of lore off the table and has left Tolkien fans wondering how this duo plans to tell a Second Age story without access to those materials. “There’s a version of everything we need for the Second Age in the books we have the rights to,” McKay says. “As long as we’re painting within those lines and not egregiously contradicting something we don’t have the rights to, there’s a lot of leeway and room to dramatize and tell some of the best stories that [Tolkien] ever came up with.”

“We took all these little clues and thought of them as stars in the sky that we then connected to write the novel that Tolkien never wrote about the Second Age,” Payne says. The duo cites songs like “The Fall of Gil-galad” or “The Song of Eärendil” or Fellowship chapters like “The Council of Elrond” and “The Shadow of the Past” or the “Concerning Hobbits” section of the prologue as sources for significant lore dumps. Beyond the premiere, there aren’t, however, any significant time jumps or, thus far, episode-long journeys to the past. The rights to the First Age material from The Silmarillion are still owned by the Tolkien estate.

“We worked in conjunction with world-renowned Tolkien scholars and the Tolkien estate to make sure that the ways we connected the dots were Tolkienian and gelled with the experts’ and the estate’s understanding of the material,” Payne says.

So, in the spirit of Peter Jackson, they will make up a lot of the content, and so it will be a visual fanfic. The difference is they won't be wholesale deleting of Tolkien's writing like Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings.

With the promotional photos and posters, and the one short teaser, I remain ever so slightly cautiously optimistic that this series will work for me.

I believe they managed to get through the 1st season shooting in New Zealand despite the covid restrictions, and are shooting season 2 in the UK.

(Note: I will not engage with anyone who brings up the race of cast members, hatred for the producers and the company they work for, and the whole 'modern political agenda' mantra being peddled around the internet)
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