If your a video game type of person I really recomend renting or buying The Return of the King video game. Before I talk about the game itself I would like to tell you how I came across it. On my friend’s birthday we had another very unsuccessful Blockbuster trip when I found this game. Knowing that her brother wasn’t home and we would have the PS2 to ourselves we rented it. We we glued to the TV the entire night and dominated the game (who says girls can play video games).

The game has different paths that allow you to use different characters. Depending on your preformance in each level you can get level ups. These allow you to get more combo moves and different weapons. You also get different “grades” on how you kill your opponents. (Fair, Good, Excellent, and Perfect) You can play as single player or corporative. In each level is based on a scene in the movie such as the Battle Of Pelanor Fields.

Personally I loved playing the game and liked how the levels were set up. I really liked how you could play with two people because the Two Towers dosn’t allow that option. ( I also own the Two Towers game.) Some of the things that I thought needed improvement was the camera view. In all of the video games the views are set and can’t be changed. I think that an option of changing the camera view would be a nice feature. I think that more videio games should be created based on the books instead of the movies but who knows when that will happen.

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