Name: Oromë (means ‘Horn-blowing’ or ‘Sound
of Horns’), Araw (Sindarin), Béma (Northmen)

Titles: Huntsman of the Valar, Aldaron (Lord of Trees), Tauron
(Lord of Forests)

Sex: Male

Appearance: Appears as a hunter with spear and bow. His horse,
Nahar is white in the day, shines silver at night, and is shod with gold.
He carries a horn called The Valaróma, that can be heard above
all other horns.

Attributes: Horses, hounds, all beasts, trees, forests.

Maia: Tilion, Alatar and Pallando

Notable accomplishments:

-Brought news about Melkor’s growing evil to Valinor from Middle-earth.

-While hunting one day, he found that the elves had awoken. He named
them, in their in language, the Eldar.

-Chose Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë as ambassadors to travel
to Valinor to speak for their people.

-Led the Eldar on their march into the West.

-Gave Celegorm the hound Huan in Valinor.

Mate: Vána

Relatives: Is brother to Nessa.

Research: Hathaldir
Commentary: Hathaldir
Edited By: M

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