2 Isildur commits the rule of the South Kingdom of Gondor to his nephew Meneldil son of Anárion. He plants a seedling of the White Tree in the city of Minas Anor. The Disaster of the Gladden Fields occurs and Isildur and his three oldest sons are killed. The One Ring is lost in the Anduin.

3 Ohtar, survivor of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, gathers the fragments of Narsil and takes them to Imladris.

4 The Shards of Narsil come to Valandil son of Isildur, but Elrond foretells that the blade will not be reforged until the Ring is found again and Sauron returns to Middle-earth.

10 Valandil son of Isildur becomes King of Arnor.

109 Elrond son of Eärendil, and Celebrían daughter of Celeborn are wed.

130 Elladan and Elrohir, sons of Elrond and Celebrían are born.

241 Arwen Undómiel, daughter of Elrond and Celebrían is born.

420 Ostoher, 7th King of Gondor, rebuilds Minas Anor to make it a summer dwelling for Gondor’s royalty.

490 First Easterling invasion of Gondor.

500 Rómendacil I, 8th King of Gondor, defeats the Easterlings.

541 Rómendacil I killed in battle with an Easterling.

830 The line of Ship-Kings begins in Gondor with Falastur.

861 Eärendur, High King of Arnor, dies and due to dissension among his sons, Arnor is divided into three realms – Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur. This division, and the subsequent strife between the three lands, hastens the waning of the Dúnedain.

933 Eärnil I of Gondor takes Umbar and it becomes a fortress of Gondor.

936 Eärnil I is lost at sea.

1015 Ciryandil dies in the Siege of Umbar.

1050 Hyarmendacil, son of Ciryandil, conquers the Harad.
Gondor reaches the height of its power.
A shadow falls on Greenwood, and Men start calling the forest Mirkwood.
The Periannath are mentioned for the first time in the documents when the Harfoots arrive in Eriador.

1100 The Wise (Istari and Eldar) find out that an evil power is becoming stronger at Dol Guldur. They initially think it is one of the Nazgûl.

1149 Hyarmendacil dies and is succeeded by his son Atanatar Alcarin.

c. 1150 The Fallohides migrate to Eriador. The Stoors move to The Angle or to Dunland after coming over the Redhorn Pass.

c.1300 Evil things begin to be seen more frequently. The number of Orcs in the Misty Mountains increases and they start attacking the Dwarves. The Nazgûl reappear and the chief of these ventures north into the realm of Angmar. The Periannath move westward, with many settling in Bree.

1356 Argeleb I is slain in battle with his kin of Rhudaur. The Stoors leave The Angle and many return to Wilderland.

1409 The Witch-king invades Arnor. Arveleg 1 is slain.
Fornost and Tyrn Gorthad are defended. The tower of Amun Sûl destroyed.

1432 Valacar of Gondor dies and the civil war of the Kin-strife begins.

1437 Osgiliath burns and the Palantir is lost.
Eldacar flees to Rhovanion and his son Ornendil is murdered.

1447 Eldacar returns and drives out Castamir.
Battle of the Crossings of Erui.
Siege of Pelargir.

1448 Rebels escape and seize Umbar.

1540 Aldamir dies in the war against the Haradrim and the Corsairs of Umbar.

1551 Hyarmendacil II, son of Aldamir, defeats the Men of Harad.

1601 Many Periannath leave Bree, and Argeleb II of Arthedain gives them lands further over the Baranduin.
Foundation of the Shire.

c. 1630 The Stoors, who came from Dunland, join the Periannath in the Shire.

1634 The Corsairs devastate Pelargir and kill Minardil, son of Hyarmendacil II.

1636 The Great Plague devastates the people of Gondor and is responsible for the deaths of Telemnar and all his children.
The White Tree perishes in Minas Anor.
The plague spreads north and west and leaves much of Eriador desolate.
Beyond the Baranduin the Periannath suffer great losses, but survive.

1640 Tarondor moves the King’s House from Osgiliath to Minas Anor. There he plants a seedling of the White Tree. Osgiliath begins to fall into ruin and Mordor is left unguarded.

1810 Telumehtar Umbardacil reclaims Umbar and drives out the Corsairs.

1851 The Wainriders begin their attacks on Gondor.

1856 Gondor loses its eastern territories and Narmacil II is slain in battle.

1899 Calimehtar, son of Narmacil II, defeats the Wainriders in Dagorlad.

1900 Calimehtar erects the White Tower in Minas Anor.

1940 The Realms of Gondor and Arnor restore their communications and agree on an alliance.
Arvedui, son of Araphant of the North Kingdom, gets married to Fíriel, daughter of Ondoher of Gondor.

1999 Thráin I goes to Erebor and founds a dwarf-kingdom ‘under the Mountain’.

2000 The Nazgûl emerge from Mordor and besiege Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon).

2002 Minas Ithil is captured by the Nazgûl and is renamed Minas Morgul (Tower of Black Sorcery).
The Nazgûl take possession of the Palantír.

2043 Death of Eärnil II. He is succeeded as King of Gondor by his son Eärnur. The Witch-king of Angmar challenges Eärnur.

2050 Eärnur accepts the Witch-king’s challenge and rides to Minas Morgul, where he was lost. Eärnur was the last King of Gondor until Aragorn II.
After Eärnur the Realm of Gondor is ruled by the Stewards, the first one being Mardil Voronwë.

2060 The dark power of Dol Guldur grows and the Wise begin to fear that it may indeed be Sauron taking shape again.

2063 Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur but Sauron flees and hides in the East.
The Nazgûl remain quiet in Minas Morgul.
The Watchful Peace begins.

2210 Thorin I leaves Erebor and joins the remnants of Durin’s Folk in the North near the Grey Mountains.

2340 Isumbras I becomes the thirteenth Thain of the Shire, and the first of the Took line.
The Oldbucks occupy the lands of Buckland.

2460 The Watchful Peace ends.
reinhabits Dol Guldur with increased strength.

2463 The White Council is established.
Déagol comes upon the One Ring and is murdered by Sméagol.

2470 Sméagol hides into the Misty Mountains and there he begins to develop his Gollum personality.

2475 The attack against Gondor restarts. Osgiliath is razed to the ground and the bridge of stone is destroyed.

c. 2480 The Orcs build secrets fortresses in the Misty Mountains to cut off all the passes to Eriador.
Sauron fills Moria with his creatures.

2509 Celebrían, Arwen‘s mother, is attacked by orcs in the Redhorn Pass, while she was travelling to Lórien.

2510 Celebrían departs into the West.
Easterlings and Orcs run rampant over the lands of Calenardhon.
Eorl the Young comes to the aid of the Gondorians at the Battle of the Fields of Celebrant.
Cirion Steward of Gondor grants to the Rohirrim the lands of Calenardhon. The land becomes known as the Riddermark or Rohan by the Men of Gondor.

2540 Eorl the Young dies in battle in the Wold.

2569 Brego son of Eorl the Young finishes the building of the Golden Hall of Meduseld in Edoras.

2570 The Forbidden Door to the Paths of the Dead is passed by Baldor son of Brego of Rohan. He is lost.
Dragons begin to reappear in the far North and bring suffering to the Dwarves.

2589 Dáin I is killed by a Dragon.

2590 Thrór goes back to Erebor, and his brother Grór goes to the Iron Hills.

c. 2670 Tobold Hornblower plants the Shire’s first ‘pipeweed’ in the Southfarthing.

2683 Isengrim II becomes the tenth Thain of the Shire. He begins the tunneling of the Great Smials.

2698 Ecthelion I rebuilds the White Tower in Minas Tirith.

2740 Orcs renew their attacks on Eriador.

2747 Bandobras Took defeats a band of Orcs in the Northfarthing.

2758 Rohan is overrun by attacks from the east and west.
Gondor is attacked by the Corsairs.
King Helm of Rohan flees to the fortress which is afterwards called Helm’s Deep.
Wulf, a man of Dunlendish descent, seizes Edoras.

2758-9 The Long Winter plagues the lands of Eriador and Rohan leading to much loss of life.
Gandalf comes to the aid of the Shire-folk.

2759 King Helm of Rohan perishes during the Long Winter.
Helm’s nephew Fréaláf becomes the first king of the second line of the Mark. He drives Wulf, and his men out of Edoras.
Saruman receives the keys of Orthanc and begins to live there as a friend of the Rohirrim and the men of Gondor.

2770 Smaug the Dragon comes down to Erebor and destroys Dale. Thrór manages to escape with Thráin II and Thorin II.

2790 Thrór is killed by an Orc in Moria. The Dwarves gather together and prepare for a war of vengeance.
Gerontius, later known as the Old Took, is born.

2793 The War between Dwarves and Orcs begins.

279 Battle of Nanduhuririon before the East-gate of Moria
Dain Ironfoot returns to the Iron Hills. Thráin II and Thorin his son wander westwards. They settle in the
South of Ered Luin beyond the Shire.

2800-64 Orcs from the North trouble Rohan.
King Walda is slain on the mountain paths while riding from Dunharrow.

2841 Thráin II sets out to visit Erebor but is chased by servants of Sauron.

2845 Thráin the Dwarf is captured in Dol Guldur; he is robbed of the last of the Seven Rings.

2850 Gandalf comes into Dol Guldur again, and there he finds out Sauron is the tower’s master. He realises that Sauron is gathering all the Rings and seeking news about the One Ring and the Heir of Isildur.
Gandalf comes across Thráin and receives the key of Erebor.
Thráin dies in Dol Guldur.

2851 The White Council is gathered. Gandalf presses for attacking Dol Guldur, but Saruman’s opinion prevails.
Saruman starts looking for the Ring near the Gladden Fields.

2852 Belecthor II of Gondor, son of Steward Beregond, dies. At the same time, the White Tree dies without finding any of its shoots. The Dead Tree was left standing.

2885 The Haradrim cross the River Poros and attack Gondor.
The twin sons of Folcwine of Rohan, Folcred and Fastred, die serving Gondor.

2890 Bilbo is born in the Shire.

2901 Most of the residents of Ithilien flee and leave it nearly deserted. The secret refuge of Henneth Annûn is built.

2907 Gilraen mother of Aragorn is born.

2911 The Fell Winter occurs. White Wolves invade the lands of Eriador from the North. The Brandywine and other rivers are frozen.

2912 Great floods follow the Fell Winter. Enedwaith (the lands between the realms of Arnor and Gondor) and Minhiriath (southern regions of Eriador between the Baranduin and the Greyflood) are devastated. The city of Tharbad lays in ruin and is deserted.

2920 The Old Took (Gerontius) dies.

2929 Arathorn II son of Arador of the Dúnedain is wedded to Gilraen.

2930 Arador son of Argonui is killed by Trolls.
Denethor II son of Ecthelion II is born in Minas Tirith.

2931 Aragorn son of Arathorn is born on March 1st.

2933 Arathorn is killed by orcs. Gilraen takes Aragorn to Imladris. Elrond welcomes him like his own son and calls him Estel. Estel’s origin is concealed.

2939 Saruman finds out that Sauron‘s servants are searching the river Anduin near the Gladden Fields, meaning Sauron noticed the end of Isildur. He gets worried, but he doesn’t tell the Council.

2941 Thorin Oakenshield and Gandalf visit Bilbo in the Shire and they all journey to Erebor.
Bilbo comes across Sméagol and finds the Ring.
The White Council is gathered. Saruman accepts to attack Dol Guldur, because now he wants to stop Sauron searching the River.
Sauron leaves Dol Guldur.
Thorin II dies in the Battle of Five Armies in Dale.
Bard of Esgaroth kills Smaug. Dáin of the Iron Hills becomes King under the Mountain.

2942 Bilbo goes back to the Shire with the Ring.
Sauron returns to Mordor secretly.

2944 Bard rebuilds Dale and becomes King.
Gollum leaves the Misty Mountains and looks for the “thief” of the Ring.

2948 Théoden, son of Thengel, King of Rohan, is born.

2949 Gandalf and Balin visit Bilbo’s home in the Shire.

2950 Finduilas, daughter of Adrahil of Dol Amroth, is born.

2951 Sauron gathers power in Mordor and at last declares himself openly. The rebuilding of Barad-dûr is begun.
Gollum reaches Mirkwood but suddenly turns aside and heads toward Mordor.
Sauron sends three of the Nazgûl back to Dol Guldur.
When Estel is just 20 years old, Elrond reveals to him his true ancestry and name. Aragorn receives the shards of Narsil.
Arwen returns from time spent in Lórien and meets Aragorn in the woods of Imladris. Aragorn heads out into the Wild.

2953 The final meeting of the White Council occurs and they hold debate concerning the Rings of Power. Saruman lies and says that he has discovered that the One Ring has passed down Anduin to the Sea. Saruman then withdraws to Isengard, which he now claims as his own, and begins to strengthen it against possible attacks. Saruman becomes jealous and afraid of Gandalf so he sets spies to watch his movements, taking special note of his interest in the Shire. Saruman begins to keep agents in both Print Friendly, PDF & Email
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