Gender: male
Race: Dúnedain
Height: 6'5"
Location: Imladris
Family: Father Damarnen (strong water), Mother Gwilith (breeze)
Animals: Horse - Taura (meaning Mighty), Falcon - Willin
Weapons: Bow, Long Sword - Albion, daggers in boots

Personality: Maethor is serious most of the time but he does have a great sense of humor, he just doesn’t show easily. He is loyal to his friends and family and would readily give his life to any one of them. He is a brave and a skillful warrior. Although he is a loner, he is not lonely and prefers solitude or one or two others to large groups, unless there is a good reason to be in a large group. He has a great capacity for compassion although he will not tolerate distrust and deceit and will deal with abusers of his trust swiftly. As a Ranger, he is prepared and ready to travel anywhere in the name of freedom and helping the oppressed. He's such a great guy. But hey, when you look like he does, how can you NOT be a great guy???

Appearance: Maethor (Warrior) is tall with long, dark brown hair and dark brown penetrating eyes. He wears an off-white shirt, brown leather jacket, pants and boots up to his knees. He rides a large brown horse, Taura (Mighty) and travels with Wilin, a Falcon. His whistle calls to Wilin and can be heard for miles. He carries a bow and arrow-filled quiver, along with Albion, his long sword that he inherited from his father and daggers in his boots. Around his neck on a thin mithril chain hangs a plain gold ring set with a clear blue stone.


Maethor was born in Framsburg near the north-west corner of Mirkwood. His Mother, Gwilith, is a Mirkwood Elf and his Father was of the line of the Dúnedain. They lived in different parts of Middle-earth depending on where his Father was sent. His Father and Uncle (his mother’s brother) were killed while on a mission to infiltrate Dol Guldur when it was occupied by Sauron. They were caught by Orcs and never seen again, after an appearance by Thuringwethil.

Maethor and his Mother returned to Framsburg, although later Maethor’s home became Imladris. He returns to Framsburg occasionally to visit his Mother.

Early on he became one of Lord Elrond’s most trusted Rangers, working for both he and Mithrandir while training various new rangers, including Claur, and many years later, her daughter Goldie.

He was in the Battle of the Five Armies at the Lonely Mountain, followed Aragorn through the Paths of the Dead; fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and rode with King Elessar to the Field of Cormallen where they witnessed the downfall of Sauron.

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