Gender: 2
Race: Egyptian/Celtic Human
Height: 5'9
Age: 19
Family: Father: Egyptian Sorcerer name Thail Mother: Celtic Prietess named Nerlon
Animals: A Merlin Falcon that often sits on her right shoulder
Weapons: One sword on her back two small Egyptian daggers, one on each leg, small knife that fits into the back of her sandals

Personality: Is quiet and watchful, sneaky and swift. She often plays mind games, very hard to get a straight answer out of her when need be. She studies her surrondings lots, adventerous and dangerous. Often cheerful, and joking with others, can be dark mysterious. Like her mother, she stands her ground and can be demanding. She hates being told what to do and sometimes her pride gets in her way. Has a strange Celtic Accent.

Appearance: Long black hair in Egyptian style. Golden tanned skin with middle toned cheek bones. Small petite nose, fair sized mouth but it just a pinch large for her face. Blue eyes from her mother, a very lady-like figure, but musclerer enough from constant traveling and fighting. Has odd shaped toes that she spread apart and pick up things like coins and other. Wears sandals that wrapped up to her knees. Wears tight-like black pants with black sleeve-less top with armoured-netting in the middle around her waist. Has silver-snake jewelery on her arms, and wears dark green cloak with golden-coloured trimming. Has the mark of a moon cresent on her forehead and back.


The Egyptian trading boats had went far into the north, after stealing a map from the Romans. They came upon the Celtic people and made a truce for trading with them. The Sorcerer Thail was on board and met one of the Prietess from Avalon, he fell in love and took her back to Egypt when they left. She gave birth to Nereti in Egypt, but was killed by a thief. Soon the map was also detroyed adn Nereti was raised by her father.

She stayed with the family till she was 15, then she left and started to travel lots. She wanted to know her mother’s people, but the map was lost. She then went to Greece and traveled to rome, hoping to find another map, but it had been sold to someone unknown. She gave up and now travels around, looking for a Adventer.
She got her accent from being raised with other Celtic ladies that had been brought back with her mother.

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