Race: Horse of the Dunedain
Height: 17 hands
Age: Immortal
Family: Valar
Animals: I am one!
Weapons: strength

Personality: I am very tough, as I have to be when my owner is Aragorn Elessar. I am also very kind to people and their families. My owner, Aragorn, allows me to run free when he doesn't need me, even though sometimes I hang around him for fun.

Appearance: I am tall and muscular. I am black as night without any markings at all. In your world away from Middle-Earth, I would be known as a Friesian, a medieval horse used in battle. My eyes are kind and soft. At night I can barely be seen, except for moonlight that reflects in beautiful blue rays.


I was given to Aragorn Elessar by the Lady Arwen, as my name means in elvish “the lady”. I have fought many battles with my partner Aragorn. Also, I am not only horse of the Dunedain, but I am one of the Valar, or Gods of Middle-Earth. I am one of the few gods who chooses to actually interact with the dwellers of Middle-Earth. Even in my spiritual form, I take the shape of a horse black as night, only then I am like that of a ghost or spirit, and I am translusent.

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