Special Letters/ Making Accented Letters

By: Náredhil and Anarril

Have you ever been in a language lesson and didn’t know how to accent a certain letter? Have you ever tried Role Playing and people couldn’t tell what you mean because of the accents you’ve missed out? How about trying the self tests in the language workbooks, and getting the answers wrong because the accent wasn’t there? Well, here’s the guide for YOU! This list was made by Anarril and Náredhil (me) to help those dearly in need, or people who are just curious about how to do this. I hope you enjoy the work we’ve done to get you this and hope our work is appreciated. Thank you. Namárië everyone!

Making accents on a PC

To make accents on a PC, you should follow these simple rules:

1. Hold down the Alt key
2. While holding the Alt key, type in the appropriate numbers
3. After typing in the numbers (you should still be holding Alt), you can release the Alt key
4. Voila! You have an accented letter!

Sorry if some of these are wrong, they might just work with some computers. For a more accurate result, if you have Microsoft Word, go to “insert”, then “symbol”, then you should get a list off all the symbols your computer has to offer, including all of the shortcut keys and combinations.

1. ë (alt+0235)
2. è (alt+0232)
3. ê (alt+0234)
4. é (alt+0233)
5. ì (alt+0236)
6. í (alt+0237)
7. î (alt+023)
8. ï (alt+0239)
9. ù (alt+0249)
10. ú (alt+0250)
11. û (alt+0251)
12. ü (alt+0253)
13. ò (alt+0242)
14. ó (alt+0243)
15. ö (alt+0246)
16. ô (alt+0244)
17. á (alt+0225)
18. â (alt+0226)
19. ä (alt+022)
20. à (alt+0224)

21. À (alt+0192)
22. Á (alt+0193)
23. Â (alt+0194)
24. Ä (alt+0196)
25. È (alt+0200)
26. É (alt+0201)
27. Ê (alt+0202)
28. Ë (alt+0203)
29. Ì (alt+0204)
30. Í (alt+0205)
31. Î (alt+0206)
32. Ï (alt+0207)
33. Ò (alt+0210)
34. Ó (alt+0211)
35. Ô (alt+0212)
36. Ö (alt+0214)
37. Ù (alt+0217)
38. Ú (alt+021)
39. Û (alt+0219)
40. Ü (alt+0220)

Making accents on a Mac

à, è, ì, ò, ù (hold option & ~ key, then press letter)

á, é, í, ó, ú (hold option & “e”, then press letter)

â, ê, î, ô, û (hold option & “i”, then press letter)

ä, ë, ï, ö, ü (hold option & “u”, then press letter)

À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù (hold option & ~ key, then hold shift and letter)

Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú (hold option & “e”, then hold shift and letter)

Â, Ê, Î, Ô, Û (hold option & “i”, then hold shift and letter)

Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü (hold option & “u”, then hold shift and letter)

Thank you and I hope this greatly helps you on your journey to discovering and using Tolkien’s languages!

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