I find the Last Alliance one of the most interesting events in Middle-earth history. And one of the least spoken of weapons in that conflict was that of Gil-Galad, the High King of the Noldor. Aiglos was a nine foot spear, feared greatly by Orcs. It was said that to face it was to face certain death.

Aiglos, the name being Elvish for “icicle”, had a curved blade of nearly two foot in length. The blade was etched in filigree. Such a weapon, only able to be handled by a powerful warrior, was closer in appearence to a glaive (shown below) than a spear.
The large blade bore an inscription in Elvish, stating the following:

Gil-Galad ech vaegannen matha
Aith helegnin i orch gostatha
Nin cíniel na nguruthos
Hon ess nín istatha: Aiglos

Gil-galad wields a well-made spear
The Orc will fear my point of ice
When he sees me, in fear of death
He will know my name: Aiglos

In use, the spear was handled with two hands, using sweeping sideways strokes to cut through or fend off enemies. It could also be used to impale several foes at once.

When Gil-Galad was slain during the battle, it was said that Aiglos was taken back to Rivendell and housed beside the broken Narsil.


“Lord of the Rings Weapons and Warfare” by Chris Smith

Written by Minyalhawwen

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