The Battle of Fornost happened in TA 1974 and was the final battle of the Dúnedain and their allies against Angmar, in which the Elven forces of Círdan of Lindon and the host of Eärnur of Gondor defeated the witchking of Carn Dûm, destroying his army and the power of Angmar forever. This victory was, however, too late to save King Arvedui or his kingdom of Arthedain.

Word came to Eärnil from Arvedui that the Witch-king was about to assail Arthedain for the last time, and the King kept his previously given word that he would send aid. But before Gondor’s forces could reach the North-kingdom, Arvedui was dead. Nonetheless, Eärnur and his host arrived in due course at Lindon, where Círdan then assembled a host of Elves and the surviving Dúnedain of the North. When all was ready, they crossed the river Lhûn and marched east.

By this time, however, the Witch-king was already in occupation of the Arthedain capital of Fornost. When he advanced contemptuously to meet his foes, the cavalry of Gondor circled round the Hills of Evendim to his north and fell upon his right flank. Frantically fleeing east and north, the retreating forces of Angmar were then attacked simultaneously by the pursuing cavalry and by another host of Elves, from Rivendell, led by Glorfindel. In this way, the forces of Angmar were so thoroughly routed that none of them survived. Angmar never rose again and the Witch-king was driven from the North.

Research by Mark_Hoff

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