Elrond’s sword

The sword that Elrond carried during the Last Alliance scenes was handed down to him by his father Eärendil, who in turn received it from his mother, Idril, daughter of King Turgon of Gondolin. Its blade was curved, sharpened along the lower edge, and tapered acutely to a sharp point. The upper edge had a raised spur in front of the handgrip that acted as the guard, and there was a similar spur about a hand span along the lower blade at the end of the ricasso, which would allow Elrond to grip the sword, in order to pull it out of an enemy corpse. Elrond would have thrust at his enemies and slashed down upon them one-handed, using the whirling, circular strokes employed by Elven swordsmen.

Elrond’s armour

The armour that Elrond wore into the battle was of the same basic design as that of the other Elves, but was of a finer quality, as befitting his rank as second only to Gil-galad himself. The plates and lames were golden like Gil-galad’s, and were more delicately and ornately engraved than those of the other Elves. His hauberk was different also, in that the sleeves ended at the elbow, and it stopped at the throat rather than continuing up over the head. The lames of his cuirass were secured not with leather but with subtle rivets, and those of his pauldrons were a single piece of finely worked, curving metal. His cloak was midnight blue, the colour of his king’s banner, and about his shoulders he wore a petal-shaped collar of fine mail, edged around the neck line in leather, upon which was pinned his badge of allegiance with Gil-galad’s emblem upon it.

Reference: Weapons and Warfare of Middle-earth

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