Éowyn was 23 at the time of the War of the Ring. As Éowyn was a shieldmaiden and of noble birth she was trained to ride and use a sword. She was well skilled and was considered the better of many men with a sword.


When Éowyn rode to war with the Rohirrim she was armed with a full-length sword; this would have measured to nearly three feet, including the hilt. The sword was fashioned with details of the Mearas and the three bronze rings on the handgrip may have been made to better Éowyn’s grip. The scabbard hung horizontally so that the sword could be drawn quickly and easily. Éowyn also carried with her a lance that was also full length. This had a red band near the point as a sign of her nobility that some how managed to escape the notice of the Rohirrim. Her shield though was of normal standards.


The armour worn by Éowyn at the Battle of Pelennor Fields was of regular make; this could have been because it was gathered from the armoury in a hurry. She wore a short woolen dress and riding pants that were covered by a full mail hauberk. A cuirass of boiled leather that was laced up the front was worn over all. Éowyn’s helmet seemed to be carefully chosen, as she would have needed something that covered her most distinctive features. It gave protection to most of her face and had a mail aventail that not only gave protection to her neck but also served to hide her hair well.


“The Lord of the Rings : Weapons and Warfare”

Written by: Eveligh

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