This article will tell you how to make a safe, padded sword (when made and used properly). (Children under 13 should consult parents before making and should have supervision when using cutting tools.)


– PVC pipe (about 1 inch diameter)
– 1 PVC cap, apropriate size for pipe (VERY IMPORTANT)
– pipe insulation, apropriate size for the PVC(about 2-2 1/4 in. in diameter)
– a tennis ball
– duct tape
– friction tape
– hacksaw
– knife
– glue (Real good glue, not elmer’s)

Step 1

Cut the PVC to the desired length (3 feet makes a good 1 1/2 hand sword) using the hacksaw.

Step 2

Squirt glue into the PVC cap and place on one end of the pipe. Allow to dry.

CAUTION: it is very important to apply the cap. The PVC can cause serious injury otherwise.

Step 3

Cut the pipe insulation to an appropriate length, allowing at least 3 extra inches to allow safe stabbing.

CAUTION: This is also very important. Serious injury can occur if the PVC is not padded on the stabbing end.

Step 4

If you have any left over padding use it as the crossbar on your sword (I highly recommend this).

Cut a hole in the pad you are using for the crossbar and slide it down the PVC placing it closer to the end WITHOUT the cap. Leave about 7 inches between the bottom of the crossbar and the uncapped end of the pipe.

Step 5

Slide the pipe into the “blade” padding (be sure to allow about 3 in. off the end of the pipe).

Step 6

Cut an x into the tennis ball using the knife, large enough to fit the pipe into it. This will act as the pommel.

Note: If the you are putting the tennis ball over the PVC cap the sword is upside down.

Step 7

Now it is time to check your work. Make sure all the safety measures are done correctly! SAFETY IS THE KEY!!!

Step 8

Cover the sword with duct tape. Apply the tape vertically using 1 strip to cover two sides and the tip at the same time. Also, allow the tape to come down onto the cross bar and cover the handle and the pommel. Covering the padding completely will prolong the life of your wepon.

Step 9

Cover the crossbar with duct tape to make sure it looks like a sword. Again, cover the padding completely.

Step 10

Spin a strip of duct tape to make a string. Make sure there is still and adhesive surface on both ends of the string. Wrap this around the handle of your sword for better grip.

Step 11

Wrap the handle in friction tape to allow for an even better grip.

Congratulations!!!! You made your first sword! Now, if you wish, you can decorate it with runes or give it a name.

Please remember to use common sense when playing with your sword. Remember, your sword will probably break eventually (however, if yu are breaking it every 10 minutes you are hitting way too hard). When it does, DO NOT continue to use it. Broken PVC can cause serious injury. Also, do not target any joints (i.e. knees, elbows, etc.) or faces.

NOTE: It is VERY VERY VERY VERY highly recommended that you wear protective equipment when using this weapon. (i.e. HELMET, knee pads, elbow pads, and a cup for guys)


Author: Thalianost

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