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Click here to read about Sean Bean’s next series.

Click here to read about what new role Benedict Cumberbatch is about to play.

You can Click here to learn where Hugo Weaving will be this June.

Click here to learn more about Azog the Defiler and the actor that plays him.

For information about James Nesbitt’s next visit to New Zealand and the TV Travel show he is to host, click here.

In June Peter Jackson is planning on shooting more footage for the ‘Hobbit’ films. For more information click here, and for casting call info click here.

For a first look at what may be a statue of Smaug you just have to click here.

Click here for another view on whether Tolkien’s writing was influenced by his many visits to Ireland.

Emil Johansson of lotrproject.com has now added a ‘Periodic Table of Middle-earth’ to the site. Information on this new feature can be found here and you can click here to go to lotrproject.com and see all of their Middle-earth genealogical work.

This year we will once again see a huge Middle-earth scene constructed for the Lego Brickworld convention. Details on the scene can be found here.

The Popularity of J.R.R.Tolkien’s books and the film adaptations of them have lead many fans to find ways to create their own tributes. Click here for a brief look at some of these tributes.

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