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Friday News Update: new Lego displayed at SDCC, Tolkien Biopics in the Works, Heavy Metal Tolkien, and New The Battle of Five Armies Pics

Click here to see TNI`s coverage of the new Lego 866 piece ‘The Lonely Mountain’ set.

Click here to be taken to Rolling Stone’s coverage of the two planned Tolkien biopics.

Click here here to learn, thanks to Virtual Festivals, what Tolkien’s books inspired in many of the acts that will be appearing at Bloodstock Open Air 2014.

Click here to see, thanks to legendarium, three new Hobbit Movie pics recently released at Comic con.

End of August News Update;

Click here to read why PJ is unlikely to direct a ‘Dr. Who’ episode at any time in the near future.

Details on the ‘Festival In the Shire’ exhibition can be found here.

To view Brotherhood Workshop’s detailed re-creation of the ‘Desolation of Smaug’ trailer using Lego(R) blocks and characters just click here.

Click here for details on the upcoming re-release of five of the books that influenced Tolkien. A better look at the new covers can be found here, thanks to ‘Caustic Cover Critic’.

Thirteen newly released ‘Desolation of Smaug’ stills, including three of Tauriel, can be found here.

Click here for an estimate of what insurers might pay out for the damages seen in ‘The Hobbit; an Unexpected Journey.’

For’s look at how Gollum might critique the trailer click here.

A new still, reported to be of Beorn in bear form, has been posted on the internet and, thanks to Yahoo Movies, can be found here

Woman Steals Lord of the Rings Swords

A woman has been arrested after allegedly stealing two swords featured in the Lord Of The Rings movie franchise from a New York storage facility.

Click here to read about the details of the theft.

Weekend News ; Actor Updates, Movie news, Smaug, Tolkien in Ireland, a new massive Lego Construction and other Fan Creations

Click here to read about Sean Bean’s next series.

Click here to read about what new role Benedict Cumberbatch is about to play.

You can Click here to learn where Hugo Weaving will be this June.

Click here to learn more about Azog the Defiler and the actor that plays him.

For information about James Nesbitt’s next visit to New Zealand and the TV Travel show he is to host, click here.

In June Peter Jackson is planning on shooting more footage for the ‘Hobbit’ films. For more information click here, and for casting call info click here.

For a first look at what may be a statue of Smaug you just have to click here.

Click here for another view on whether Tolkien’s writing was influenced by his many visits to Ireland.

Emil Johansson of has now added a ‘Periodic Table of Middle-earth’ to the site. Information on this new feature can be found here and you can click here to go to and see all of their Middle-earth genealogical work.

This year we will once again see a huge Middle-earth scene constructed for the Lego Brickworld convention. Details on the scene can be found here.

The Popularity of J.R.R.Tolkien’s books and the film adaptations of them have lead many fans to find ways to create their own tributes. Click here for a brief look at some of these tributes.

Today’s News; Hobbit nears $1 billion Mark, Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium, Tolkien’s LOTR Cover Design, and much more!!

To read about the current and projected Domestic and International sales totals for ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ click here.

For information about Andy Serkis’ new ‘Imaginarium’ motion capture studio click here.

Click here to be reminded of J. R. R. Tolkien’s original cover designs for the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Click here to check out’s interactive analysis of Tolkien’s works.

Black Milk Clothing has come up with a line of print dresses with designs from the Lord of The Rings Movies. Check them out here.

In advance of The Oscars, WETA Digital has posted a new video demonstrating some of the effects used in The Hobbit; an Unexpected Journey’. The video can be viewed here.

Click here to read about a big winner on a ‘The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship’ slot machine. Could this be one of the slot machines questioned in the Tolkien Estate’s lawsuit?

Weekend Update; How to Tell the Dwarves Apart: A Flowchart, Tolkien’s Estate Countersued , Jackson and Walsh assist a Tourist, Autographed LOTR First Editions sold at Auction, Pricey Orcrist now available.

In order to make it easier to identify the 13 Dwarves in ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ the LOTR Project has come up with a simple flowchart. The flowchart can be found here.

The battle over merchandising rights to ‘The Lord of The Rings. and ‘The Hobbit’ has gotten more confusing now that a countersuit has been recently filed. Details can be found here.

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh have recently come to the aid of a German Tourist who’s vehicle was robbed while she was on a Lord of The Rings Tour. the Details can be found here.

An autorgraphed First edition set of The Lord of The Rings trilogy has just been sold at auction for £24,000. The details can be found here.

Weta is now taking orders for a made to order, limited edition, Orcrist replica. Details on the $9,900 sword can be found here.

A Video Tour of Jef Murray’s studio

Renowned Tolkien fan and  artist Jef Murray has just posted the first ever brief tour of the studio where he creates his magic.  To watch the tour video click here and to visit the  website of Jef Murray Studios click here.

Hobbit Update; Collectibles, More Images, a Possible Cameo, Almost No Gandalf, and a New Audio Book

Collectibles; To see what is now available from the Noble Collection click here, and to see some of the new action figures now availalble click here for Goblins, here for Thorin and two Goblins and here for Legolas and Tauriel.

Several new images and a movie trailer can be seen if you click here.

To read about a possible Stephen Colbert cameo in the films click here.

Click here to read about how Sir Ian almost didn’t return as Gandalf.

An interesting article about the unabridged audio version of The Hobbit can be found here.

New Zealand Issues New Commemorative Stamps and Coins

To commemorate the release of ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ New Zealand Post has just announced the November release of a new series of stamps and coins. A listing of the stamps can be found here, and a listing of stamps and coins can be found here.

Today’s News; Serkis on Directing and Lego makes a Game

To listen as Andy Serkis talks about Directing THE HOBBIT click here and to see the Lego’s new board game click here.