Also called the Onodrim and 'Shepherds of the Trees'.

The Ents were created by Ilúvatur for Yavanna to protect the forests and plants of Middle-earth as Yavanna was scared of what Aulë's dwarves might do to her woodlands. They originated just after the Elves.

They were tall, tree-like beings, and had varied looks and numbers of toes and fingers. They all looked like trees, but trees of different types - beech, rowan, elm, willow and so forth. Their skin was like tree bark, very tough and thick.

They were not a very quick-moving race, spending much time thinking things over, and their language was slow and long. They didn't like to be hasty to make decisions, but when they did decide, they stuck to their agreements.

By the time of the War of the Ring their numbers had shrunk dramatically, and there were no more Entwives to be found, and thus no Entings. Some Ents lived in Fangorn Forest, and it was these that brought about the destruction of Isengard.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Hathaldir