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Jay Leno interview with Orlando Bloom – UK screening

FTN, which shows the Tonight With Jay Leno Show in the UK, will be screening the Jay Leno interview with Orlando Bloom at 10 pm on Saturday 3 January. For further details, visit ftn.

NB be somewhat wary of FTN’s listings as they’re not always accurate. The interview did not screen tonight (31 Dec) as advertised.

Iinterview with Dominic Monaghan

There is a great 12 page interview with Dominic Monaghan at IGN Film Force.

Check out the links at the bottom of the page for other interviews including Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, and Liv Tyler.

Ain’t It Cool News report on the RotK EE DVD!

On Ain’t It Cool News, they have an article on some of the scenes that their “spies” report will be on the Return of the King Extended Edition DVD. Check out the article here!

potential spoliers ahead cues ROTK Soundtrack

Want a breakdown of what happens in the ROTK movie following the soundtracks? Movie Music has a breakdown of cues in each of the tracks in the RotK soundtrack.

Time Magazine: Best & Worst Movies of 2003

And the winner of Times‘ Best Movie of the Year is…?

Update on the Online Film Critics Society Awards

Andy Serkis has also been nominated in the best supporting actor category (along with Sean Astin). For a full list of all the nominees in all categories go to o.f.c.s..

If you click on any of the Lord of the Rings Return of the King links on this page this will bring up summaries and links to 56 reviews of RotK!

Latest update to Sir Ian McKellen’s offical site

The latest update to Sir Ian’s official site is about ADR (additional dialogue recording). You can see the actual cue sheets he used in his final ADR sessions for RotK in October 2003!

RotK nominations in the Online Film Critics Society Awards

RotK has been nominated in 10 categories in the Online Film Critics Society Awards. The categories include; best picture, costume design and supporting actor (Sean Astin). There are more details at BBC News.

The winners are to be announced on Monday 5th January.

RotK review at The New Yorker

The New Yorker has a review of RotK written by one of their film critics.

New Line’s quest in the Oscar race

See who New Line Cinema is promoting for Oscar glory on this special award site at New Line Awards. There are also has some trailer links.