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Moderator of the Month: an interview with Mara

How did you find CoE? I was searching for a site on Elvish on Google. What are your duties here at CoE? I am one of the mods for both the Prancing Pony and the Movies Forums. What are your favourite areas of the site? I really like the Elvish lessons, and I wish I […]

Ian McKellen – official site update

The Lord of the Rings E-post section of Ian McKellen’s official site has been updated. One of the things he reveals is that he has not yet watched the Extended Edition of Return of the King.

Server Downtime

My apologies for the downtime since yesterday. The server that hosts CoE had to be moved to a new data center, and that required that it be offline for a little while. Thanks for your patience 🙂

Member of the Month: an interview wth Eressëa

How did you find CoE? I stumbled across it several times looking for pics from the movie, especially between the cinematical releases of TTT and RotK, but it wasn’t until I got interested in the Elven languages that I really found the site, following the link from another site that mentioned the wonderful Elvish courses […]

Herbs of Great Virtue

During the Second Age, the Eldar brought many things to the men of Númenor, including “herbs of great virtue,” as we are told of in the Akallabêth. This article seeks to develop a theory about those herbs and their connection to athelas and pipe-weed. Why do these herbs have such virtue? We know that athelas […]

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (For Playstation2)

LotR the Third Age is a RPG game for Playstation 2. It takes you on an amazing journey through Middle-earth and has an interesting and unique story. The game begins with Berethor, a Citadel Guard of Gondor who is sent on a mission by the Steward to find Boromir. Along the way he meets up […]

April: A Month for Beginnings

As we all know, this month is April. Here’s a quick feature on April in Middle-earth – what happened, what people call it and so on. Other Names For April In Quenya, April was called Víressë. This name was used by most speakers of the Westron, but not by the Elves themselves (they followed another […]

The Tolkien Section

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the man who invented Middle-earth? Well, lucky for you, CoE has a wonderful Tolkien section. It has an incredibly detailed biography of his life that includes: his childhood, his schooldays, his time at Oxford, his heroic period in World War I, the influences in his life, his […]

Celeborn: Book Profile

Celeborn was the Lord of Lórien, and Galadriel’s husband. He was described by her as “the wisest of elves”, was around the same height as his wife, and had silver hair, long and shining. There was no sign of age upon him – nor Galadriel, except maybe in the depth of their eyes, “for these […]

Celeborn: Film Profile

Celeborn is the Lord of the Golden Wood. Which implies he’s married to Galadriel, at least technically, since she’s the Lady of the Golden Wood. In this capacity, we see him greeting the Fellowship as it arrives in Lothlórien. He doesn’t make a huge impression, though, as he’s completely outstaged by the misses. Later on, […]