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Christmas message from Christopher Lee

As part of his 2011 Christmas message, the 89 year old actor discusses some of the cast changes in the films, and the differences his portrayal of Saruman in The Hobbit Movies, along with the types of roles he now takes due to his age. To watch the entire message, follow this link to the; “Christopher Lee 2011 Christmas Message. Part 1”, on YouTube.

Hobbit production video #5 now posted

Director Peter Jackson has just posted, here, on his Facebook Page, Production Video #5 from the sets of The Hobbit. Like the previous four, this 12:06 video details a lot of the behind the scenes work on the films, this time focusing on some of the locations being used.

Hobbit trailer now online!!!!!

The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey, has a new movie trailer that can be found here, on Itunes Movie Trailers.

Hobbit Trailer debuts online Today!!!

According to this article on, the new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will debut online tonight at 7:00 pm PST.

New still posted on The Hobbit Movie Facebook page

Just prior to the release of the first Hobbit Movie Trailer, a new still from the movie has been posted here, on the movie’s Facebook page.

LEGO Lands Hobbit Toy License

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has awarded the toymaker the rights to create action figures and playsets based on “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the two upcoming films based on “The Hobbit,” the first of which bows at the end of 2012. Read about it at or click Read More to view the press release.

The Hobbits Reunited

Empire celebrates the 10 year anniversary of The Lord Of The Rings. See the article here

New Zealand draws new interest with ‘Hobbit’

Click here for an article from USA TODAY about how the LotR, and Hobbit movies have turned NZ tourism around!

Holiday Shopping in the CoE Store

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