The "Fire-golden". The name of the Sun given by the Vanyar elves.

Anar was created from the last golden flower of Laurelin, and was guided by the fire-spirit Arien.

She was the second vessel to enter the Sky, and when she did, the world saw its first dawn " like a great fire upon the towers of the Pelori: the clouds of Middle-earth were kindled, and there was heard the sounds of many waterfalls. "

Tilion was ever-after attracted to Arien and Anar, and when he wandered nearest to her, the flame of Anar scorched him, and the island of the Moon was darkened. Because of this, after her journey through the sky, Arien was bade to rest for some time in Valinor, lying on the Outer Sea, before guiding Anar under the Earth and towards the East.

Quote from The Silmarillion, Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor.
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