Barahir was the father of Beren and the brother of Bregolas. He fought in the Pass of Sirion during the Dagor Bragollach, and there rescued Finrod Felagund, who was surrounded by the enemy. Barahir made a barricade of spears to protect Finrod Felagund, and led him safely out of battle. Many were killed on the way. Before Finrod Felagund left to return to Nargothrond, he presented Barahir with his ring, a token of his everlasting oath of friendship.

By right, Barahir was then the leader of the House of Bëor, because his elder brother Bregolas had been killed in the Dagor Bragollach. Barahir went home to Dorthonion and found that most of his people had fled to Hithlum, away from the war. Soon Morgoth came to Dorthonion and slaughtered most of what remained of the House of Bëor. The forest became deserted and haunted, and those that entered it went mad and could not find their way out. The trees were blackened and the region gained a new name, Deldúwath, Taur-nu-Fuin, or the Forest under Nightshade. Barahir finally gave up and followed his wife Emeldir, who had led the people to Brethil as a last resort. Some decided to press on to Dor-lómin, while others stayed in Brethil with the people of Haladin. The people that stayed were nearly all killed until only twelve men remained that were faithful to Barahir: his son, Beren; Bregolas’s sons Baragund and Belegund, and nine servants. They all became outlaws and were constantly pursued. Barahir’s band lived underneath the stars and kept as far away from Morgoth as possible.

After many long years of wild living, Barahir’s band journeyed to the waters of Tarn Aeluin and decided to live there. Morgoth could not find them there, and he was very frustrated. Therefore, he sent Sauron to search for them and slay them all. Sauron eventually found them through the torture of one of Barahir’s friends. Sauron trapped them in his net and set his orcs upon them. Every man of Dorthonion was killed except for Beren, who was not present at the time. So died Barahir, Lord of Dorthonion.

The Ring of Barahir eventually made its way down the line into the hands of Aragorn, son of Arathorn.
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