Son of Ecthelion II, Denethor was born in TA 2930 and he became the twenty-sixth, and last, ruling Steward of Gondor at the age of 54 following the death of his father.

In TA 2976 he wedded Finduilas of Dol Amroth, daughter of Adrahil, who bore him two sons, Boromir and Faramir. Finduilas died four years after Denethor took the Stewardship. This - it is said - eventually prompted him to use his Palantír.

Unfortunately, Sauron was aware of his actions and used the Palantír to fill Denethor's heart with despair, which only doubled with the death of his eldest son, Boromir. Not long afterwards, Faramir was wounded by a poisoned Nazgûl dart during battle. Convinced his second son would die as well, Denethor bade his servants build a pyre, and setting it alight, he cast himself and the Palantír upon it. He perished on March 15th, TA 3019. He had ruled for 35 years.
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