Elendil meant 'Elf Friend' or 'Star-lover'. He was also called 'the Tall', Voronda, King of Arnor, King of Gondor and the High King.

He was the son of Amandil, and father to Isildur and Anárion. He was born in the SA 3100s and was killed in SA 3441.

He was the last Lord of Andúnië. Elendil and his sons escaped the wrath of the Valar when Númenor was destroyed in SA 3319, and they sailed to Middle-earth. His ship landed near Lindon and when he landed, Círdan and Gil-galad helped him. He brought with him the sword Narsil, a fruit of the White Tree, Nimloth and the Palantíri.

He was the founder of Arnor, near Lindon and Lake Nenuial.

Elendil led the Last Alliance with Gil-galad and was killed there by Sauron himself.
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