Finrod was the eldest son of Finarfin and Eärwen and was called the fairest of Finwë's children, because of his gentle spirit. He was also known as "The Faithful" and "The Friend of Men".

He loved Amarië of the Vanyar but when the host of the Noldor departed from Valinor they had to part.

At his arrival in Middle-earth, Finrod dwelt in Endor with his brother Orodreth. There he built the tower of Minas Tirith in Beleriand, on an island called Tol Sirion.

He was the great friend of Turgon, and Ulmo sent them both dreams warning them against dark days to come, and putting into their minds the thought of the needs of that future time. Because of this, when Thingol told him of the dwarf-delved caves around the River Narog, Finrod set out to build a hall to match Menegroth, with the help of dwarves. They gave him the name Felagund meaning "Hewer of Caves".

After the construction was finished, he left Minas Tirith to Orodreth and moved to his newfound kingdom of Nargothrond. It was the largest kingdom in Arda and was ruled by the youngest king.

When Finrod went to the Blue Mountains, he encountered Men. He therefore became the first to discover their existence and he took them with him. They got the permission to live in the area of Brethil from Thingol, on condition that they defended and guarded the area from enemies. The first Edain to enter the service of a prince of the Noldor was Balan, one of Barahir's ancestors.

Finrod fought in the Dagor Bragollach (Battle of the Sudden Flame). He was surrounded by a large host of Orcs when help came from Barahir and his men and thus was Finrod saved. He gave Barahir his ring as a token of gratitude and promised to help him and anyone of his kin if they ever get in trouble.

Soon the time came for Finrod to fulfill that promise. When Beren, the son of Barahir, came to Nargothrond seeking Finrod's help in his quest for the Silmarils, Finrod did not hesitate.

Despite the violent protest from his cousins Celegorm and Curufin he went with Beren, leaving Orodreth as the temporary ruler of Nargothrond. As they came to Tol-in-Gaurhoth (formerly Tol Sirion), they were caught by Sauron and thrown into a pit. A werewolf attacked them, but Finrod slew him with his hands and teeth - at the same time receiving a mortal wound. With his last breath he said farewell to Beren.
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