Finwë was the first High King of the Noldorin Elves. He was chosen by the Valar to lead his people on the great journey from Middle-earth to the Undying Lands. He awoke at Cuiviénen with the first elves.

Finwë married twice and fathered children from both of his wives. His first wife was Míriel Serindë, who gave birth to Fëanor, who made the Silmarils and the Palantiri. Míriel Serindë died soon after giving birth, and Finwë grieved.

His second wife was Indis who bore him two more sons, Fingolfin, and Finarfin.

He was King of Tirion in Valinor. But he loved his son Fëanor so much that when Fëanor was banned from Tirion, he also left, and held himself unkinged.

After the destruction of the Trees of Valinor and the darkening of Valinor, Finwë was killed by Morgoth while trying to prevent him from taking the Silmarils at Formenos. His death and the theft of the Silmarils prompted Fëanor and Fingolfin's return to Middle-earth and their war with Morgoth.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Ecthelion