Fréaláf Hildeson was the tenth King of Rohan, taking the throne after his uncle King Helm Hammerhand died during the Long Winter. Fréaláf was the son of Hild, the sister of Helm Hammerhand. With his reign began the second line of the Kings of Rohan.

During the Long Winter, while the king was held captive in the Hornburg, Edoras was captured by the Dunlendings. Fréaláf rode with a few desperate men out of Dunharrow to overtake the invaders of Meduseld. Their enemies were led by Wulf son of Freca who were said to be kin of the Dunlendings. Fréaláf was the victor and he reclaimed the Golden Hall.

At Fréaláf’s crowning, Saruman appeared and brought gifts and spoke great praise of the Rohirrim. Soon after he began to live in Isengard.

Fréaláf was succeeded by his son Brytta.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar