Húrin Thalion was the son of Galdor of the house of Hador, and the brother of Huor. Hurin meant "vigorous-wise", while Thalion meant "steadfast". He had the blonde hair and blue eyes common to Hador's descendants.

When Huor was only 13, the brothers were involved in a fight with Orcs in Brethil. The company they were in was separated from the rest of the party, and eventually they wandered through the mist and the hills into Gondolin. Húrin and Huor then dwelt for a year with Turgon. After that time had passed, Turgon let them go under the oath that they would never tell anyone where they had been.

Though he was not as tall as his brother, Húrin was tireless and enduring in body, as well as lithe and swift. He was mighty in battle and first proved it at the attack of Orcs at their home at Dor-lómin. His father was slain, but the brothers defeated a great host of Orcs sent by Morgoth. Húrin then inherited the lordship of Dor-lómin. From then on, Morgoth's attention focussed on Húrin and Huor.

In year 463 he wedded Morwen, daughter of Baragund, of the house of Beor. The next year Morwen gave birth to their son Túrin. Their second child was a daughter named Lalaith, but she died at the age of 3 from a pestilence caused by an evil wind from Angband. Already then had Morgoth started his evil campaign to bring a curse upon Húrin and his family.

When the Nirnaeth Arnoediad came, Húrin and Huor went to battle following their king Fingon. Fingon was slain,as was Huor, but not before securing the escape of Turgon and his warriors. Húrin's valor and deeds in that battle remained unmatched. With his axe he slew 70 Orcs, each time shouting "Aure entuluva!" [Day shall come again]

At the end of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, in 471, Húrin was captured by Gothmog and brought to Angband. Morgoth asked him to reveal the location of Gondolin but Húrin mocked him and refused to tell him. Morgoth then bound him to a chair at the highest peak of Thangorodrim and cursed him and all his kin. Húrin was made to sit on Thangorodrim, watching while evil and despair came upon those he loved. Furthermore, as he had mocked Morgoth, Morgoth made Húrin see through his eyes, and hear through his ears. As awful as Morgoth's judgement was, Húrin never asked for mercy or death, either for himself or for his family.

Húrin never saw his second daughter Nienor save in the twisted visions brought to him by Morgoth.

After Turin killed himself in 499, Morgoth released Húrin to foster more hatred between elves and men. Húrin had grown grim to look upon, with a long white beard and white hair. However, he walked unbowed, bore a great black staff, and wore a sword at his side.

But nowhere was he then welcome and he saw nothing but evil, still seeing the world through the eyes of Morgoth. He tried to seek help from Turgon, but the High King had shut his realm and heart. He saw his wife once more before she died at the Cabed Naeramarth.

Finally he set off on a journey of retaliation. First he came to the ruins of Nargothrond where he killed Mîm the petty-dwarf. He took the treasure that Glaurung had left there and then came to Thingol in Doriath where he threw the Nauglamír - the Necklace of the Dwarves - at the king's feet. He cried out many bitter words upbraiding the elven king for forsaking Men, until Melian quieted him, saying that he was still seeing through Morgoth's eyes, and that the elves of Doriath were true friends to Men.

At this, Húrin picked up the necklace, gave it with all honour to Thingol, then left Doriath. No-one knew where he went, but it was said that he cast himself into the western sea.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Perathion