Meduseld was the Golden Hall upon the heights of Edoras, from where the Kings of Rohan reigned over the Riddermark.

Building of the Hall was started in TA 2510 by Eorl the Young after Calenardhon was granted to the Eotheod following the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. However, it was only finished in the reign of his son Brego, following the Battle of the Wold in TA 2545.

Since then, the Golden Hall was abandoned only twice.

The first time was in TA 2758, when Rohan was assailed by a combined force of Dunlendings and other enemies of Gondor. Wulf, Freca's son, took Edoras and sat upon the throne in Meduseld, holding it secure until after the Long Winter when Fréaláf, son of Hild, sister of Helm Hammerhand surprised Wulf and regained Meduseld and Edoras. Thus the Golden Hall itself remained intact.

The second time that Meduseld was abandoned was in TA 3019, during the early stages of the War of the Ring. Théoden ordered that Edoras and the Golden Hall be abandoned, and its people withdrawn to Helm's Deep. In this instance, the Golden Hall was not occupied by any foe, as the Uruk-hai force marched on the Hornburg instead.

Therefore, the Golden Hall survived almost unaltered since TA 2510, a living reminder of the heritage of the Rohirrim, all the way back to Eorl the Young.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Khryseis