Minas Ithil meant Tower of the Moon. It was also called the Tower of the Rising Moon, the Moontower, and later Minas Morgul.

Minas Ithil was the city of Isildur, built on the shoulder of the Ephel Duath in about SA 3320. It was there to serve as a threat to Mordor.

Throughout the city there were many fine carvings of animals and and humans. A seedling of the White Tree was planted there, because Isildur was the one who saved a fruit of the tree in NĂºmenor.

Sauron attacked the city in SA 3429, and destroyed the tree. Isildur however, got away with a seedling of the tree. Sauron's forces retreated from Minas Ithil after being beaten in the Battle of Dagorlad in SA 3434.

The city was renamed Minas Morgul in TA 2002 when it was captured and kept by the Ringwraiths.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Hathaldir