Nogrod was the southerly of the two cities of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains. Its sister city was Belegost.

In the Dwarvish tongue, the city was called Tumunzahar. Men knew the city as "Hollowbold" or "Hollow Dwelling."

Nogrod was one of the places from which the Dwarves entered Beleriand. Few of the Elves actually entered either Nogrod or Belegost, but Eöl and his son Maeglin are two who did.

The Dwarves of Nogrod were unsurpassed in the craft of forging arms, and much wealth and recognition came to the Dwarves of this region for their famed craftsmanship. The knife that Beren took from Curufin, Angrist, was forged by Telchar of Nogrod. It was the Dwarves of Nogrod who were summoned by Thingol to set a Silmaril into the Nauglamír, or Necklace of the Dwarves, but they claimed it as their own. The chain of events that followed this action led to the ransacking of the Thingol's halls and the death of the Lord of Nogrod and those that accompanied him.

Nogrod was destroyed in the inundation of Beleriand, and the survivors went to Moria and settled there. The remains of Nogrod lay ever under the waters of the Firth of Lune.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Valaöré