Orodreth was the second of the sons of Finarfin*. For the first four centuries of his exile in Middle-earth, Orodreth was Finrod Felagund's warden, guarding the tower of Tol Sirion.

Orodreth fled from the tower when it was captured after the Dagor Bragollach, and he joined Finrod Felagund in Nargothrond. When Finrod left with Beren, Orodreth succeeded him as King of Nargothrond. He had one daughter Finduilas.

He was killed in the battle upon Tumhalad, with his elf-hosts led by Túrin.

* Though Orodreth was mentioned as Finarfin's son in The "Silmarillion", Tolkien later changed his mind and made Orodreth the son of Angrod, and the father of Gil-galad. For more information on Tolkien's later ideas, please see the "related link" above.
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