After breaking an oath of fealty to Isildur, those Men of the White Mountains were cursed to haunt the Paths of the Dead until at last his rightful heir came to them, calling The Dead forth to his aid.

The path lay beneath the White Mountains and ran south from Dwimorberg to Morthond Vale.

During the War of the Ring, Aragorn and his company braved the Paths of the Dead even after Lady Eowyn's fear that Aragorn was riding to his death.

The door to the Paths of the Dead lie under Dwimorberg, or the Haunted Mountain, and stood behind a single stone. It took great courage for the Men and Elves to guide their horses through the dark door after Aragorn. Gimli was the last to enter, as his fear held him back, but he was prodded in by the sight of the Elves in their company entering the darkness undergound.

The Paths of the Dead were abandoned on March 8, TA 3019. After fulfilling their oath, The Dead were then released by Aragorn at Pelargir on March 13, TA 3019 .
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