A force of Gondorian soldiers dwelling in North Ithilien during the years leading up to the War of the Ring. Their purpose was to harrass their enemy and make his occupation of Ithilien as difficult as possible, and for these guerrilla missions they were dressed in browns and greens. During the time before the War of the Ring, the Rangers of Ithilien were led by Túrin's great-great-grandson, Faramir, the younger son of Denethor II.

The Rangers worked from secret bases, such as Henneth Annûn, prepared some years before by a far-seeing Steward.

Other named Rangers were Mablung and Damrod.

The term 'Rangers of Ithilien' was used to distinguish this people from their distant cousins, the Rangers of the North. Like the Rangers of Ithilien, these were also Dúnedain, but they had belonged to the North-kingdom of Arnor, and their ancestors had been divided from the Southern Dúnedain for some three thousand years.
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