The Sindarin name for the people of Rohan who aided Gondor during the War of the Ring. These people were descended from the Northmen and then again from the Éothéod. They were akin to the Dúnedain and had long aided the people of Gondor in its wars.

During the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, Cirion the then Steward of Gondor sent for aid from the Éothéod now under the rule of Eorl the Young son of Léod. Again, the Horse-lords helped Gondor and at this time they were recognized for their great loyalty.

Cirion gave to Eorl the Young and his people all of the lands which in Gondor were called Calenardhon between Anduin and Isen. Eorl the Young and his folk settled there and were bound by no laws other than their own, save only that they would remain in friendship with Gondor and remain allies until their realms came to an end.

Eorl became the first of the Kings of the Mark. They called their new lands the Mark of the Riders or the Riddermark and their folk they called the Eorlingas. In Gondor though, the lands were called Rohan and the people were called the Rohirrim and the people of Eorl came to use those same names as well.

The Kings of the Mark were all descended from Eorl the Young. One of the most famous was Helm Hammerhand after whom Helm’s Deep is named. His story can be read in full in the Middle-earth article Helm Hammerhand. The other Kings who won great renown were Théoden and Éomer who both lived and reigned during the War of the Ring. Also, the sister of King Éomer, Éowyn, won great renown during this time and is long remembered as the slayer of the Witch-king of Angmar.

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