Telemnar was the son of Minardil, and was the twenty-sixth King of Gondor. He succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, slain at Pelargir by the Corsairs of Umbar.

In TA 1636, a deadly plague came out of the east and many Gondorians died, especially those living in Osgiliath. The Great Plague also affected the royal house, and the king and all his children died. At Telemnar's death the White Tree of Minas Anor also withered and died, but Tarondor, the King's nephew, planted a new seedling.

Telemnar ruled for 2 years (TA 1634 - 1636) and he was succeeded by his nephew, Tarondor, son of Minastan and grandson of Minardil.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nenyia