Tuor was born to Huor and Rían in 473 of the First Age and is considered the greatest hero of the Edain.

His father was slain and his uncle Húrin was taken captive at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears when he was still very young. Because of this, he was raised by Sindarin Elves of Androth until he was 16 years of age. At 16 he was taken into slavery by Lorgan the Easterling. Tuor was very strong, and well learned from his years with the Elves, which in time afforded him the opportunity to escape from his captors.

Once free, Tuor heard the call of the ocean and set out on a great quest. He followed a spring that welled up from the ground before him, and eventually became a great river. He followed this river until he came to the sea. Here he encountered Ulmo, the Ocean Lord. Ulmo sent Tuor to find the hidden Elven City of Gondolin, and warn King Turgon of the imminent destruction of his city by the forces of Morgoth. In the year 496, Tuor found the city and delivered Ulmo's message to Turgon. Turgon, however, refused to leave his beloved city.

Tuor remained in Gondolin as well, for 15 years. He met, and fell in love with Turgon's daughter Idril. They were married and had a single child, Eärendil, in the year 504. In 511, when the location of Gondolin was discovered by Morgoth, he sent a great army to destroy the city. Tuor, Idril and Eärendil escaped only because of the sacrifice of Glorfindel of Gondolin who battled and killed a Balrog, although it cost him his own life, so they could escape.

The survivors of Gondolin fled to the Havens of Sirion. Tuor and Idril sailed away and it is said that they reached Eldamar, and Tuor became the only mortal Man to be counted among the Eldar in the Undying Lands.
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