The Witch-King was first seen in c. SA 2250; went 'into the shadows' SA 3441; reappeared in Middle-earth c. TA 1300; and was finally destroyed in TA 3019.

He was the chief Nazgûl, and the mightiest of Sauron's servants. Originally a king and sorcerer, he was enslaved by Sauron when he received the greatest of the Nine Rings. His fortunes rose and fell with Sauron's through the Second Age. With the other Nazgûl, he arose again about TA 1300. Disguising himself, he formed the evil realm of Angmar and became its Witch-king, seeking to destroy the already weakened Dúnedain of Arnor.

As Witch-king of Angmar, he directed the wars against the North-kingdom until TA 1975, when after finally crushing Arthedain, his forces were routed by armies led by Círdan, Glorfindel, and Eärnur of Gondor in the Battle of Fornost.

After the battle, the Lord of the Nazgûl disappeared from the North, but soon after, in TA 2000, he and the other Nazgûl attacked Minas Ithil and took it after a two-year seige. The city was renamed Minas Morgul and the Witch-king became its lord. In TA 2043 and TA 2050 he challenged Eärnur, now King of Gondor, to single combat, because the latter had not faced him during the Battle of Fornost. In TA 2050 Eärnur accepted the challenge and was slain, probably treacherously.

During the War of the Ring, the Nazgûl-lord led the search for Frodo during the latter's journey to Rivendell, and seriously wounded him at Weathertop. He led the army that attacked Minas Tirith at the Siege of Gondor, and broke the gates of the city. He was prevented from entering the city by the arrival of the Rohirrim. Although he killed King Théoden in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, he was in turn slain by Éowyn and Merry, fulfilling Glorfindel's prophecy at the Battle of Fornost that he was not to fall by the hands of Man.

He was the tallest of the Nazgûl, and wore a crown. He was feared the most, and his power was greater than the rest. All blades that touched him perished, and only blades with special spells could harm him.
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